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  1. Cops have no idea on defects

    I thought as much but wen I did it mention it to a cop he got real defensive on the matter. Inthinknthere logic was if u r guilty u wont appeal it therefore wont clog the system. I've got a horrible record but the last 2 times since I've cleaned my act up I've taken the time to get a mechanics report and take it to court and walked out without charge. Last thing they tried doing me for was not having a shroud over my thermo fans. They are enclosed in there own secure little covers but he argued that I still needed one. That was from a state traffic branch. His argument was someone could walk up to my car, pop my bonnet, lift my bonnet then get there hands caught. f**k off idiot
  2. Cops have no idea on defects

    Can someone clarify this. In Queensland I have been told that for the last 2 or so years they can no longer issue on the spot defects it is now a court order where you have the chance to argue ur case
  3. The new guy

    Back on the dyno this afternoon awaiting results
  4. The new guy

    Cheers mate. I'll post pics up wen my laptop gets fixed
  5. The new guy

    Hey guys getting back into the scene. Im from tbar (qld) and have a r32. Car is in the final stages of build process now just completing tuning now. Basic build up Fully built 26/30 Id 2000cc injectors 6boost manifold Hks t51r turbo Haltech 2000 4" exhaust 150 dry shot nitrous 1 piece tailshaft First dyno figures are 648@who on 22psi Waiting on new valve springs and retainers to arrive then go back on the dyno to hopefully bump that number up over 800