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  1. Steel offcut supplies?

    i need some flanges cut out of 12m or so ally. will they do for a carton of beer ? and where is this place ? There are heaps of places around that do laser cutting, 3D laser, Adelaide profile, ferrocut. Depends what area you wanna go, most laser places have a $50 invoice minimum or so. Ahem RCR laser... oh wait i don't work there anymore.. Profiles machine wouldn't cut 1mm alum even if they knew what they were doing.. so rule them off your list too. 3D etc have a $70 minimum charge.. But for 12mm Alum flanges you will be looking at a fair bit more that that.. Ps. Josh try mcmahon metal/brighton steel.. not far from you and will cut to size..
  2. Display gear

    www.biddingonline.com.au Better than greys IMHO
  3. Fastest Defect Ever?

    Better weather.

    Tim Possingham Or Mark From Madaz Edit: Both don't have shops anymore but do still work on peoples cars as far as i know..
  5. Call me a bitch when your car makes it with-in 100rwkw of my car. My car makes 10rwkws which is within 100rwkws of your 0, Bitch
  6. I need 2 exhaust flanges for tomorow

    Find some? I got a box of em here if you get stuck..
  7. Drive tonight

  8. stretching tyres on 10 inch rim

    i havent really taken much notice to the panhard bar lol. ive had more pressing issues at hand with this car the last few months. ill have a look tomorrow. why do you ask? well does 1 side stick out more than the other? i centred the diff in my corona and could "fit" 10 -12s with a 205/50 with the guards rolled. and a 5mm flare Bluebirds don't have panhard rods...
  9. Lost my defect virginity *NEARLY*

    So err you made a thread that you nearly got defected? thats awesome... I nearly bought an R35 GTR i was just 134,999 short of the 135,000 asking price... i best make a thread
  10. in the vid it sounds like someones says "he has no plates"
  11. There are so many people in this thread that need to be banned/deleted for good. but mainly the one err five..
  12. Aluminum Suppliers in SA

    For offcuts and stuff try Brighton Steel on Brighton Rd Speak to Steve, He will help you out
  13. elf_jzx

    Agreed, useless thread about useless posts... i want my 30 seconds back to do what with ur on nissansilvia.com on a friday nite yeah true, you must be heaps better than me... you can keep my 30 seconds.
  14. elf_jzx

    Agreed, useless thread about useless posts... i want my 30 seconds back
  15. What ever happened to Kansai Automotive?

    They Closed and Ryan went to JMS i think?