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  1. running 2 blow off valves?

    im pretty confident its flutter through the bov because it cant let the air out quick enough. im running map sensor so im not plumbing it back
  2. running 2 blow off valves?

    well my bov definately flutters through the bov and im running 20psi.
  3. running 2 blow off valves?

    just so people know, the hks ssqv2 and ssqv3 aren't adjustable. but i've seen cars on youtube with these bov and they dont flutter and i know its not fluttering through the air filter as i've disconnected the vac line to the bov and given it throttle when the cars stationary and i can hear the difference from fluttering (air filter fluttering, bov fluttering).
  4. running 2 blow off valves?

    hey guys, the only reason why im wondering is because on my car i've bought the brand new hks ssqv3 and i can hear it flutter through the bov? it is hooked up and when i give it throttle and look down the bov i can hear it flutter and see the valve open. happens alot more when im boosting it, i think the bov isn't letting enough air out quick enough so it is semi fluttering? and the bov is definately working and i can see it opening....
  5. hey guys, just wondering have any people thought of running two blow off valves on there cars? i know most twin turbo cars run 2 bovs, but i've noticed alot of the new hks and greddy (other) are going with only one? i can semi understand if your car is standard and your not running too much boost but im sure alot of people are using bigger turbos, bigger IC piping and running alot more then factory boost so why only use one bov? would make sense to use more then 1 if there is more volume of air/more pressure? what do you guys think? thanks
  6. MY - 180, plates for sale (A.C.T.)

    $200 or $300 brand new plates...
  7. MY - 180, plates for sale (A.C.T.)

    $225 or $325 new plates?
  8. MY - 180, plates for sale (A.C.T.)

    $250 or $350 new plates
  9. MY - 180, plates for sale (A.C.T.)

    $285 or $385 brand new
  10. MY - 180, plates for sale (A.C.T.)

    $300 or $400 with new plates
  11. MY - 180, plates for sale (A.C.T.)

    price drop $350 as is or $450 new plates