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  1. WTB : S15 Bonnet and Bootlid

    Hey Mate, not sure if you are still chasing this but I have a Pewter S15 Spec R bootlid in near perfect condition $250 located in the Redlands
  2. WTB S14 / S15 stock turbo QLD

    hey mate I have one available, done about 40k km before I removed it...excellent condition
  3. I need s14 parts!

    I've got a set of stock s15 wheels with good Toyo T1R's if your interested
  4. Hey mate, check out the AVO kit. No holes need to be cut and a nice neat fit.
  5. Hey guys Can anyone tell the size of the exhaust studs (head to manifold) on the S15 SR20. I am getting ready to bolt my new turbo setup on and want to replace the studs at the same time Any help will be appreciated. thanks
  6. Hey mate, I am running one of those APS intakes on my S15 and it works a treat. Not sure if you will find one around I got mine about 4 years ago and I don't think they are doing them anymore. Best part is she is makin just over 200kw and still looks factory under the hood.
  7. Hey mate Do you have the following available: 1 x S15 7 Layer Metal Exhaust Gaskets 1 x T28 Turbo -> Manifold Gasket 1 x Nismo Thermostat to suit S15 SR20 Also are you able to do a better price on this lot sent to Qld 4165 Thanks
  8. Yeah AAMI did the same to me this year so I moved all of my insurances to Shannons. Much better service and cover.
  9. Hey mate this was the first mod I made along with a filter and FMIC and it made somewhere between 160-170kw, stock it made 115kw. I would agree that the twin dump section is the source of the main gain but the whole system is beutifully finished. If you are interested a mate is selling his CES twin dump which I think i could get really cheap for you. He is swapping to a high mount setup. PM me if you are interested and i can find out how much he wants for it.
  10. Hi there, do you have the bulb holder and wire loom for the parcel tray mounted stop light for a S15 Thank
  11. Hi I'm chasing the lower runners section of a S15 intake manifold and also the cover that goes on the inside of the car where the drivers side mirror bolt up to. Chasing Prices to brisbane
  12. Need Advice

    Hey mate If you want something loud but still good quality i would go with the 2 12W6 drivers, i have a single 10W6 running off a 500/1 in my S15 set up for quality and it still makes 137db. also note JL Audio will not warrant the W7 drivers when used for SPL applications. Where you located? PM me for more info
  13. What ecu do you have..

    New Haltech E8 Really happy, couldn't ask for or need any more

    hey very interested can you pls send pics of unit installed in s15 thanks John bbj_xtreme@hotmail.com