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  1. 100% something black! Like Xxr 527s in matte black would look mint, I've got some on my s15
  2. That's what I thought but there's not enough spokes
  3. 200rwkw -> 250rwkw

    I've got poncams with stock springs and haven't had any issues, my tuner said they were recommended but not necessary haha, just can't rev it higher than the stock limit
  4. 200rwkw -> 250rwkw

    If you're keen on a hypergear turbo (can't beat them for price and quality) and you're chasing 250kw id go with the Ss2, I've seen 270kw made with an Ss1.5 on e85 on 22psi but you'd need the right mods, I've got the Ss2 which can easily make 250kw on 20psi or less depending how free flow your system is, it's not overly laggy for street driving in my opinion
  5. Bang for your Buck! S15 Upgrades?

    I bought the Blitz se kit and was pretty impressed, it was about $600 and comes with everything you need including battery terminal extensions. It was a little cheaper than the Greddy kit at the time but see what you can find. Also HDI do an awesome kit that is a lot cheaper if you're not a brand name whore haha, have a look on eBay.
  6. 18inch Oxwheels suit S13/14/15

  7. Oxwheels 18x7 5x114.3 2 GOOD TYRES AND 2 PUNCTURED. I'm too tight to buy new ones soz. Overall good condition, no damage to the rims except a little gutter rash. $300 ONO Pickup from Newcastle Nsw Pm or Txt 0422952384
  8. Bang for your Buck! S15 Upgrades?

    Haha I always wanted a 2 step but I've read they're extra bad on the Srs because the rockers break so easy? Id totally get one of that's not the case hahaha
  9. I'm running a decat, for "race purposes" only of course! My high flow cats kept blocking up so decided to remove the problem
  10. I've experimented with a lot of exhausts with my Ss2, any restrictions will make it laggy, atm I've got a Tomei manifold/dump pipe and very free flow exhaust and full boost is at about 3800rpm
  11. Here's mine, I'm using the stock s15 hotpipe atm because I had a problem with the built in bov of my aftermarket pipe, I held it up for reference anyway. You need like a 45 degree bend on the end of your pipe into a 90 degree silicon joiner
  12. Is this my BOV?

    Right under the fuse box
  13. Cleaning new intercooler?

    I bought the same kit and same thing had white shit and metal particles all through it, I just sprayed it all with carby cleaner
  14. My Sileighty aka Noah

    I'll save him the trouble haha - SIKCNT Sent 09 November 2015 - 10:55 PM If i realised that people were gonna be so skeptical i would have taken a photo with the car getting dyno tuned and holding a newspaper lol. Before anyone says anything this was done before the Tomei titanium exhaust change over and yes slightly cooler day. Either way mine is better than yours.
  15. My Sileighty aka Noah

    Sounds like the dyno run was in either 3rd or 4th gear. You should be running it in 5th. No way 448cc injectors & T28BB can make those numbers. Careful John he'll send you a personal message with a dyno print out and say you're a dumb *milkshake* that doesn't know anything but won't give any evidence of injector size or anything hahaha