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  1. Red 180sx sr20det 205rwkw

    I agree! not worth parting for 12g. what are you going to get that will equal it? just get on some juice and strip for a few months instead! Don't let some young guy wrap I round a tree. So few imports on the road these days. Get a bit extra on your loan and get Turbo,gate,cams etc. That's what I did, you'll be glad you never sold it.
  2. 200sx S15 Body kit Help!

    Hey Mate, This is a for sale section, you will have better luck posting this in the "wanted to buy" section. it looks like a factory s15 aero kit, yes you could fit it to an adm spec Good Luck, will look good ! As for where to buy, Maybe try Kmak areo for a copy. Sure there are heaps of genuine avail from guys here too.
  3. Deadlifts - How to break that plateau?

    That sucks, sorry to hear mate. Maybe just ease up on the dead lifts for a while. doing some lighter work in the 8-12 range can really compliment a strength program well also. Rest up a bit though, you don't want to prolong your recovery.
  4. quick power fc question

    awesome, thanks mate ill give it a run
  5. Deadlifts - How to break that plateau?

    Nice work mate. keep it up!
  6. Hey guys, I replaced my actuator with a larger unit with a stronger spring. Now my boost spikes really hard with the original boost setting on my power fc causing some pretty large knock, which option do I use to fix this? I found the option to lower boost but not how it ramps up which is the problem. Thanks heaps Sorry if this is covered somewhere I have searched everywhere...maybe I suck at it?
  7. Deadlifts - How to break that plateau?

    Cool, Hope your joints improve. Fish oil will help id there is a deficiency. Virgin flax oil is good also if you have concerns about mercury etc. Take some time to do some hip fexability/strength tests and medial glute strength tests as these should help identify if form or flexability is an issue for your knee pain. Bad form can be hard to rework, I had to do basically 6 months of low weight squats from bw to - 60kg (from 130kg) to correct my problems and then a further few months to get back to where I was!. Im glad I learnt from my mistake but if there is a problem you want to catch it early. You may get more appropriate ideas from people if you say your goals also. are you doing a D/L comp? Think about some 60% - 80% days also. this keeps your body familiar with the movements while giving time to heal GL!
  8. Deadlifts - How to break that plateau?

    One more thing!! While new on here I notice you know a bit about your mechanics etc. Treat this the same! when diagnosing a problem with a car you would systematically check all potential causes completely before moving on to the next thing. It's not a waste of time to check the whole ignition system if it doesn't turn out to be the problem because you know that for sure later. Same here. It's not a waste of time to go back to basics with your program, stick at it for at least 6 weeks then if you have no improvement you can confidently say program/recovery isn't a the problem. Same with stretching/foam rolling. do it diligently for a few months then you will know tightness isn't an issue. You wouldn't use a scatter gun style approach to diagnosing a car's problem and the same applies here. Unfortunately the time frames to diagnose the problems are vastly different. Good Luck! Your not alone, I am sure If you try the things I list you will find slow improvement in your problems.
  9. Deadlifts - How to break that plateau?

    Hey as your lifts go up you will need to take more rest. It's fine to train 5 days etc when your in your first couple of years lifting but once your doing heavy lift you will benefit from maybe lifting only 3 times a week for a few months. Make sure your form isn't slipping too much also as it's easy to get in a habit. Get someone who knows what they' re doing to watch your lifts. Also try to get all opposing lifts similar. With some experience it's easy to lift heavy but poorly. You need to have great form (I mean anally good form!) before you can cheat a little to get bigger lifts. It is very hard for me also but lift less often and see how it goes. Your intensity should increase and pains steadily decrease. Foam roll tight muscles in between sets and stretch after as tight muscles will affect form. Try Fat Grips dumbbell work or as suggested use a towel to thicken barbell for all lifts. It will take a while but will improve your grip over time. Could diet be a problem? Work out your goal and eat accordingly. No point eating for a beach look if your main goal is big lifts. a bit of Junk for extra calories wont hurt on training days but try to make it mostly calorie dense nutritional food. Just combining high carbs and fats regularly in the one meal is something to keep an eye on. Finally, Have you tried using a proven training method for a good period? Something like Bill Starrs beginner 5X5 would be great. Your program may be unbalanced. Sometimes you need to forget about ego and knowing better go back to basic proven methods if all round strength is your goal.
  10. Nistune expected gains

    Yeah I know, but its the only way I see 190rwkw possible with that combination even if it doesn't last the drive home! Sorry it prob. came across as a serious suggestion. Think your goal for S15 should be achievable. Don't know about intercooler but I guess the high octane should help with knock. Makes me wonder if with a good tune you could remove the intercooler all together and pick up even more response. Let us know how you go, would be a nice drive I recon.
  11. Nistune expected gains

    I doubt it will make 190rwkw. Maybe on his dyno! Injectors, AFM and t25 are all really pushed by this point. Every one has tried this combo at some point and I just don't see what this guy can tune to over come these things which keep everyone I have ever known at the 170rwkw mark. (If you got 170rwkw you should be pretty happy also!) You will get power through out range, but no way you will see 190rwkw with T25, S13 injectors and standard AFM. Maybe with a 100hp shot of nitrous, I don't know. I wouldn't consider cams with a t25 or think of spending money on them before injectors, afm and turbo. Use them to optimize power up top from a bigger turbo, power up top a t25 doesn't have. You may even be slower pretty much everywhere.
  12. Deadlifts - How to break that plateau?

    Gotta be happy with that, nice work man!
  13. Deadlifts - How to break that plateau?

    Hey mate, Hope progress is coming along well! Don't be too hard on yourself about your lifts. They aren't that bad if you have good form and 5 years is actually fairly short amount of time to be lifting. So well done! Sometimes people achieve their big lifts by cheating like elbows flaring/chest bouncing bar bench, chest folding onto knee half squats and full body BB rows! One thing I would suggest is mix up your diet as you maybe eat too much tuna at the expense of other meats. Just cook some chicken, pork, beef, lamb, marinade if you want and freeze them. It's not just the protein that's important in meat. If size is your goal mix up your routine from maybe 5X5 to a higher rep 3X10-12 ever 6 weeks or so. If bigger lifts are your goal adding a bit of fat should make it a bit easier. Try training less if your partying/stressed/not sleeping/eating well. I hate doing it too but most likely it's hindering your progress. If you want to jab just make sure you have a good idea of PCT but at least make sure you have lower testosterone first because then you don't really have as much to lose.
  14. sell s13?

    I agree with your feelings on modern car styling. Unfortunately I feel performance cars are going to get further out of reach for everyday people in the future also. I hate the direction the GTR has gone. Don't get me wrong I would love one but I wish it was a more simple, cheaper base with potential to build up. I wish the new GTR was around $80,000, 1550kg, 300kw and kept simple enough to modify easily and keep the price of maintenance and repairs down. It's not just the price but the complexity. It's going to be like buying a cheap supercar today, you need to spend three times the purchase price to keep it running each year! I think cars are getting too heavy, expensive, unserviceable and have too much unnecessary crap on them. Although they probably thought that back in the 70's about the cars we love today!
  15. Nistune expected gains

    John, I know the feeling! but your in a different boat with an rb25. for an rb25 sil I would shoot for a bit more power. Your also 29. I wish I was 29 again! I would have read what I am saying as thought it was stupid! But retaining good response in a lightweight Silva is a great all round package. For big power I would use Skyline, Supra, Z, Chaser etc. Some of the fun is knowing the car doesn't want to kill me the first chance it gets at 34. I kind of think big power (early) Silvias feel like this (on the street) so some of the enjoyment is lost. But in your 20's that's a big part of the fun!