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  1. s13 RB surging/ limp mode

    This video here (not my car) but basically what it is doing only mine only hits boost weaker. Sadly the guy didn't work it out and got rid of the car. Just done a sensor/ earth check in the bay, swapped maf and checked fuel pump (which isn't that old either), both are working fine and the car is still doing it. I went to move it last night, and although it was running and driving around like nothing had happened earlier, it suddenly died as soon as I went to accelerate and went back to doing this. Haven't been able to snap it out of it now. Maf wiring comes up as fine, but I'll probably renew it anyway since that is the only thing I checked that I'm unsure on.
  2. Hey guys, Having more issues with this RB20DET in my s13. This one seems to be a new one however. As of late (about a week) the car has been "pulsing" or "surging" (not sure how to put it) when it is under power (seems fine upon idle) where it has a random sensation of no power for a couple of seconds particularly when you back off or change gear to 2nd. The climax was however when I went to take it somewhere and it did it while I was heading down the freeway at about 100 when it kind of did it a few times in a row and then it entered the dreaded Limp Mode allowing me to kind of get of the main road and simply die. Trailered it home, whacked another ECU into it so that I could get it off the trailer and back up the driveway because this was an easier option at the time. I also put a new battery in it for the hell of it, since the other one was old and it couldn't hurt just in case it was dodgy. However it still has that weird pulsing sensation. I didn't check for fault codes on the ECU (this is kind of an area that I haven't touched base with yet.) Any ideas onto what it may be? This car seems to want to die no matter how many engines are thrown into it. Cheers
  3. Brake Upgrade for 15" 4 stud.

    Hey guys, Thanks for all the ideas. I finally opted to go bigger/ nicer rims in 4 stud and just opted to put bigger brakes on. The dialtones (or teardrops) just went into the shed with the rest of my hoardings. Seemed the easier and cheaper way. :ph34r:
  4. Brake Upgrade for 15" 4 stud.

    Thank you. I was so focused on CA, I didn't look into SR at all thinking that it would be the same story. I really want to keep that stock look as much as possible. This gives me another avenue to go down before I fully commit to 5 stud if necessary.
  5. Brake Upgrade for 15" 4 stud.

    Hmm, dammit. Guess I'm going rim shopping for 5-stud. As for the information that I got from VicRoads, absolutely useless to me at this point in time. (I admit to being lazy and haven't contacted an actual engineer since the car isn't finished yet). Really appreciate the answers everyone, everyone else I asked didn't know anything. Thanks.
  6. Okay everyone, here goes: I want to upgrade my stock CA s13 brakes because I am no longer running stock engine, (RB20DET currently with plans of bigger). However, because I am stupid stubborn, I want to keep the original stock wheels (15" 40 offset, rotors are 252x20mm stock if that helps) for sleeper purposes. Does anyone know of anything that will fit in there preferably without spacers and is better than stock hence pass engineering? I have already considered s14, r32/33 GTST etc but nothing seems to fit in there, redrilled or not. Everything seems to fit on the back (yes, I would like to do both front and rear), but nothing on the front and all the information I keep finding seems to be about the 5-stud conversion, or the car has 16" wheels. I've seem to have hit a wall now... Or is there no hope and I just upgrade to the 5 stud? Keeping in mind that this is only a daily, but I would rather do my brakes properly. Any info would be greatly appreciated guys.
  7. RB20DET misfire/ rough idle

    Hmm, cheap is good, but you get what you pay for I guess. It was the only sensor I was unsure about, cheers for the heads up. Adding it to the list.
  8. Hey everyone, Just though I would get opinions on an issue that I am having with my Rb20Det. It seems to be misfiring (off one cylinder no.4 from what I can source), running rich, and idle hunts roughly (dependent on weather, cold it likes). So far I have done the following: Changed spark plugs. New coil packs. Tested another igniter. Checked for vacuum leaks, none I can find. Blow off is running to atmosphere, and is leaking, although putting hand over it simply makes it cut out. Running a Mines ECU, and changed to a stock one, however this has made no noticeable difference. (I contacted Mines, still yet to hear regarding tuning). Doubtful that it has bigger injectors in it since both ECUs react the same. Running an eBay MAF The only other issue that I had with this engine when I got it was that the cam angle that come with it wasn't actually a Rb20 one, so I have already changed this and corrected timing. The engine is actually in an S13, but I thought this topic would be more relevant here. Any thoughts? The Rb is kind of new territory for me since I'm used to my old Ca. I have nearly done everything that I was told was common problems. Cheers Guys.