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  1. Well, im at the stage that im putting my triple plate back on the car, after swapping out the RB26, but im stuck and cant seem to find the info i need, i had all the clutch plates marked but what i didnt do is mark which way the floating centre hub sits, the spline allows two plate to sit on one side and one plate on the other side, im just not sure which way the hub sits, as i dont have anything to reference off. I dont really want to fit it and then have to swap it if its the wrong way.
  2. beast makes 400hp@wheels on base tune

    I know that workshop where the photo was taken, Kensington i do believe, saw it there for a while.
  3. Project "Baller" - The quest to break 1000hp..

    does that mean no more brown interior?!!!! I have seen this car in person and watched this build with eager anticipation to see how much power can be made from the mighty CA and the only main criticism has been with the brown interior, i have been jealous/envious the whole time though
  4. Federal SS-595 Tyre Specials

    excellent, i'll contact you in the next few days regarding the federals, seem like a good deal, what about shipping to Coffs Harbour, NSW, 2454, how much extra thanks
  5. Interested in some 4wd Kumho tyre prices for my '95 Range Rover either 255/65R16 KL11 or KL12STX thanks
  6. Federal SS-595 Tyre Specials

    Interested in a set of 4wd tyres if you do that, for my tow vehicle - '96 Range Rover 255/65R16 or anything around that profile +/-10 anyway 255/70, 265/65, 265/70
  7. Interested in a set of 4wd tyres if you do that, for my tow vehicle - '96 Range Rover 255/65R16 or anything around that profile +/-10 anyway 255/70, 265/65, 265/70
  8. The more i look at this car, the less i hate the colour, i think the initial impression is WTF But i reckon a black roof and pillars would be a good change in the future to break up the colour if you decide you want a change I noticed that when i worked at ford, the falcon sedans in the outrageous colours looked bad, but the utes in the same colours looked OK, and i believe that the reason i think that, i because there is less of the main colour, so it looks more presentable, and the black roof on this would suit it i believe
  9. sorry, but hate the colour love the rest of the car
  10. Primal Garage - 180SX

    what is the point of sanding to smooth bare metal? isn't that what primer hi fill is for? or are you going lightweight paint job and having no primer?
  11. Polish's S13 SR20D/VE BUILD

    if the pistons have valve reliefs on the top of them, it creates a larger combustion area, so basically if you mill the piston flat and the block to suit, its basically the same as filling up the valve reliefs on the pistons (which you cannot do) plus you will have more bonnet clearance too
  12. DATSUN 1600 epic build - SOLD

    an option for your clutch master cylinder line is this from datsport http://www.datsport.com/Clutch_hydraulic_kit.html
  13. Bloodninja

    thats great, certainly made me laugh today
  14. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    Jealous! I love it
  15. damos crap onevia

    dont post unless u know the full story knob jockey. ahahaha, im sorry did i hit a nerve, whatever bud