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  1. Hey bro. I had a look. It is genuine and in really good nick. Maybe slightest paint chip in one or 2 spots but barely noticeable as it is on the corner or bottom of the wing. Absolute lowest I will go is $180 but that's it as the condition is awesome and it's genuine.
  2. Item: New 180sx 25mm Wide Body Front Guards Price: $250 Item: 180sx Type-X Rear Pods - Requires repaint Price: $180 Location: SA Contact: 0409094877
  3. HKS GTRS turbo

  4. HKS GTRS turbo

    Located in SA HKS GTRS ball bearing turbo Genuine HKS GT-RS turbo kit with HKS actuator Compressor and turbine wheels are perfect, no shaft play, as new. Only used for 100-200km before having to take off car due to defect. SOLD
  5. Location: SA Contact: 0409 094 877 Ogura Twin Plate Clutch (Used) Good for 250rwkw $800 $599 NOW $450 ono Apexi Power FC ECU with hand controller for s13/180sx (NEW) Box is a bit old looking but the unit is new. Never been used. $1299 $1199 NOW $1099 ono SOLD ZEAL Function Coilovers for 180sx $999 ono Awesome fkn coilovers. Cost me $2300. No longer required as I am selling my car. 10/8 kg/mm R33 5-stud conversion brakes hubs and calipers $799 $699 ono RARE VOLK GT-C Top Secret Gold 17x9 +6 / 17x10 +0 Sic Ass Offset for sic kents 114.3 x 5 $2999 $2500 $2300 ono with 2 new tyres Federal Semi Slicks 225/45/17 $150 ono Hatch with tinted glass and type x wing SOLD - $150 for Boot $250 NOW $200 for type x wing
  6. Box is a bit old looking but the unit is new. Never been used. $1300 ono
  7. Anyone have this song?

    Did you find it dude? I was looking for it also.
  8. I'm after the metal frame piece that sits above the drivers side window. In black. Mine is dented.
  9. What's needed (warning: could break your budget): 4 female spade connectors 2 speaker wires After converting my auto 91 rps13 sr20det to manual, I found that my reverse lights don't work no more. Connecting it back up was easier than I thought. Here's what you do: Find the Auto plugs next to the fuse box on the drivers side of engine bay (Pic1) There you'll see 3 plugs. The one you want to use is the middle grey plug. There are only two wires you need to connect to the reverse switch on the manual gearbox. Mine were green/blue and green/white on the middle grey plug. You need to connect these two wires to the reverse switch. Looking from above, these were the two wires (Pic2) If yours are different colours, you can test by reversing up to a wall or something reflective, turn key to ignition and shorting each pin to the other and seeing if your reverse lights come on. (You may also hear a reverse beeping alarm coming from under your steering wheel. Mine had one.) On the grey plug are small male pins, so I found a couple of female spade connectors which i stole from an old loom I found lying around. On the reverse switch wires (on the drivers side of the gearbox), the male pins are a little bigger. (Pic3) After connecting the female spade connectors onto the 2 lengths of speaker wires, just connect the green/blue and green/white wire pins to the reverse switch pins on the gearbox and hey presto! You've got reverse lights! And you're 180 has turned into a truck.