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  1. Yes, it bolts straight up. You'll need the complete rear beam axle including discs, rotors, etc. from the SSS and calipers and rotors from the SSS for the front. You'll also need to bend/remove the front slash guards otherwise the bigger rotors won't fit. PS. Car is now sold as of today.
  2. It was parted out yes, only just for sale now with an SR20DE if anyone's interested: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?app=classifieds&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=1365
  3. In more recent times; Cube - CB radio, torch, flare, the jack and space saver spare wheel it came with and RACV total care. Pulsar - torch, fire extinguisher, water, oil, cable ties, electrical tape, globes, spare wheel, trolley jack, screw drivers, engineers certificate, RACV total care. It did break down quite regularly so RACV total care is an absolute life saver. If you don't have it you're mad. I had $2800 worth of tows in one year free
  4. Fitness

    I've only just started being active, I've never been an active person but trying to do a bit to be a bit healthier. Going swimming once a week and doing the Thousand Steps every couple of weeks (here in Melbourne, Google it) which is pretty hard work.

    Haha, watch out. It's not me but I got described as a middle-aged woman on here in the spotted thread and I'm 26. I don't look that old.
  6. Yahoo Japan site for wheels

    ^^^what he said
  7. Well done, padawan. Yes ask for the de-reg paper, if they start making excuses, walk away. Bear in mind that they can be forged - it's not easy but it's not impossible either. A 40,000km car should still smell and look new inside. The de-reg paper will have the kms listed the last couple of times it has been registered in Japan. Obviously, don't expect a dealer to give you a copy if your 40,000km car had 140,000km on it the last time it was registered Being that we're on our third import I'm getting more cluey with these things
  8. Ask to see the de-registration papers from Japan (every car leaving Japan will have them), whether the importer will show you is another story.
  9. That and bring it back and make a profit. It'd be silly to take something so common back over there for so little time. Wouldn't be worth it financially.

    Both were coming back from the JDMST meet at the docklands
  11. Custom number plates ideas?

    I'm not a fan of any 'miss', 'ms' or 'grl', 'gal' number plates. Think if you want it to relate to you, the car or both.
  12. Importing GTR

    No bias, their website is pretty awesome though
  13. Car jacking

    I always lock my doors and I've gone through a red light before when someone near Lilydale station attempted to get in my car.
  14. Importing GTR

    J-spec's Cost Calculator: http://www.j-spec.com.au/ (under Toolbox on the left navigation pane) is quite handy for a rough idea of costs if you've never imported before.
  15. sick of speeding fines

    He may just be someone who cares, and I guess if he gets through to even one person he's made a difference.