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  1. I sent you an email. Hope the link works for you too.. nah mate didnt work...i really hope someone can fix this problem as i would really like to get back into the site under my own profile!!!
  2. hey im having the same drama my user name is R32_GTS-4 it tells me in successful yet keeps comming up with an error same problem as cefiro/soarer... user name: R32_GTS-4 email: chriddy5681@gmail.com
  3. Does anyone know...

    hey...does anyone know of any businesses bringing in URAS/Monkey Magic stuff from japan? i know driftcat in melbourne was but due to the dollar she has decided to stop. they were who i bought my uras stuff off last time, wondering if anyone else is bringing it in....? any help appreciated stay cool (to specify im after a front bar and some side skirts for my S14 but i want genuine)
  4. hey...im after an abs unit for an S14?? i dont need the lines or anything just the unit that houses the fuses...
  5. Autosalon 08

    thanks... my car was there aswell... the blue s14 with the uras kit

    hey mate, have u still got the silver ones in stock? im after 2 17x8 and 2 17x9 for s14 delivered to sydney...unsure if it makes a difference offset wise but my front gaurds are 20mm wider...so im going to need to fill them out or should i go 9's at all 4 corners?

    hey mate, just inquiring about the s14 wide rear fenders.... is the $260 for the pair or each? do you have them in stock at the moment? also how do these fit up, are they an over fender for the rear or do u need to remove the stock one and weld these into place?
  8. s14 s14a.. does anyone know?

    speedo cluster is different too if you look at them...
  9. interested aswell as it looks like im up for either 10mm spacers or 15mm spacers soon...
  10. quicker and easier way is using a circuit tester to find the wire with no power...then link it to the same wire on the drivers side, get the window up and take the wire off and leave the window up until its fixed... doesnt need to go under the dash ect until you have time as the wire only needs to be there until you get the window up then you can take it out
  11. i had a similar problem with my s14...the window would only go down, not up...i had to run a piggy back wire from the passenger switch, through the door, under the dash, through the other door and into the master control switch on the drivers side...easiest way to check if its the same problem is open up the trim around the switch on both sides and run a piggy back wire one at a time before you go through the hassalls of running it under the dash ect...just make sure you run the wire to the same coloured wire on the other side...if your window then works then it means theres a break in the wire under the dash some where, piggy back wire eliminates the problem...hope this helps
  12. new police cameras ?

    also for those who are curious...ANPR stands for Automated (or Automatic - i always get confused with that) Number Plate Recognition... from what ive been told they are pretty accurate, especially with linking the information through the MDT in regards to license status and previous history...
  13. carbon bonnets finally arrived !

    can you possibly get the tt style for s14 series 2?
  14. throttle body upgrade

    the N15 TB from the sr SSS are they the same as the S14/15 NA?