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  1. i have missed maybe 3 drift comps/practic days in the last 3 years, attened DA both times it was down and also powercruise both times and had no problems at all in handing over my $50 for the 2 days, and would do it again next weekend.
  2. mookie rolled on corner before the down hill section
  3. Need a new GPU - in prep for MW2!

    generalisation much!!!!
  4. mi goreng is the best

    Holy shit i have been making them wrong. I was microwaving them till soft then draiing and then adding the seasoning and shit straight on to the noodles, was ok that way. Just made them then by boiling the water and mixing all the seasoning and shit first in a bowl then adding noodles. Sooooo much better. Dissaponited it was my last 2 packets though
  5. 2009 Formula 1 Discussion Thread

    Alsono now at ferrari!!!!! http://www.foxsports.com.au/story/0,8659,26149838-5018892,00.html
  6. Top gear

    its the lambo vs mercedes slr mclaren 722

    when clicking on links it takes me away from the site instead of opening in a new window. Only forum i use that does this. Using IE8 on win7
  8. will the infield be open to spectators to watch from?
  9. Updates - What's the latest with your car?

    This was the reulst of a unlicenced driver today. Hit my car which was parked on the side of road outside my house. Roof is bent in and rear door overlaps the front door by about 3cm
  10. The iPhone Thread

    If i jailbreak my 3gs, do things like internet tethering and the app shoip still work? also how does apple tell its jailbroken if you reset it back to standard?
  11. Work conditions

    pizza joint is australia wide, but yes the franchisee also has some in western sydney... yeah Karv i am on the look out for a new job at the moment.
  12. Work conditions

    Seems that we are under the franchisees "Personal ageement" Which makes no mention of breaks, over time or even my position. And its not something we have singned either. Have joined up with the SDA and have a metting next week with the top person in tasmania about it, should be fun
  13. Ford have dropped 888 Racings Sponsorship

    and his options were exactly?
  14. The iPhone Thread

    I had te same problem, re-enter your password without autocaps on and also make sure that you change the STMP port
  15. HD Set Top Box

    Tasmania aint so lucky