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  1. Drinking Games

    F&*K the Dealer much the same as free_state's players in a circle draw high card to be first dealer. Dealer then shuffles deck and holds face down drawing from the top. Person to dealers left calls out what they think the card is and dealer says higher or lower player then gets one more chance to guess card. If correct dealer must drink one mouthful of their drink and player yell out "F&*k the dealer" if wrong player must drink as many as the difference between their 2nd guess and the actual card. Card is then put on table face up and person to left becomes player. Cards are sorted by number and when all 4 of one number are out they get turned face down. this continues til 3 incorrect guesses in a row then person to the left of dealer becomes the new dealer and the person to their left starts guessing and so on. Gets really rough when you are the last dealer as there are alot of face down cards so the players know what is already all out and you will hardly ever get 3 incorrect guesses in a row.
  2. The Youtube Thread

    I was going to say nah can't be real fairly sure its the same fake news show as the one with the scouts that were offering free breast examinations for ladies who didn't know how to do it themselves.
  3. The Youtube Thread

    Nostalgia'd and found... Ghost Riding Gone Wrong
  4. Sobering up

    S. T. Ruggling is my name this morning Wow lots of responses i went to sleep with about 10 now there's 33 Woke up this morning with an absolute cracker would of called in sick unfortunately its a family business and when dad was pretty much just as bad as me lastnight its a bit hard to call in sick ha ha.
  5. Sobering up

    well water sounds like the go then
  6. Ok so i went to work function tonight and am rather drunk how can i go about getting my head together before tomorrow morning? For example took me 10 minutes to write this with no spelling mistakes not including this bit. or this... or this or this or this
  7. Wasn't part of the thing Japan signed after Hiroshima related to armies as in they will never have an international fighting force etc no wonder they are falling back on the US now Korea is threatening. It's like shit you said we couldn't have an army now we're defenceless you better help. Also of course most of the countries that were part of the wars are now big car countries they all geared up to produce tanks, planes etc as quickly as possible makes sense in peace time to convert to cars and commercial industry to increase GDP. Shit the Beemer badge is a prop spinning (blue sky white prop)
  8. Taxi Scum

    Update just checked my online statement and i have been given back the 47.50. Seems that it's a common scam and they can get it through and done alot quicker than the norm. So as before make sure to check your statements closely and don't just write off things you can't remember. It might of only been a small amount but if 100 people are done by the same thing it adds up quickly
  9. Taxi Scum

    No worries i have edited my first post for you Dan Yeah I thought that myself when it took nearly a month to come out hence the overdrawn i figured it had come out ages go.
  10. Taxi Scum

    Well i could but from what i have read it will fall on deaf ears. Apparently the Victorian Taxi Directorate which are the people who handle complaints couldn't care less they say it is not their place to investigate credit card fraud... Sounds like it happens alot.
  11. Taxi Scum

    I won't name the bank as the ladies in the branch were more than helpful it's just the process which is crap. I will mention it was a "13cabs" taxi that i actually caught never again though.
  12. Taxi Scum

    Story as follows, Was in Melbourne with mates for a uni ball between the 26 and the 28 of April, that a friend from high school had invited us to. Caught the Skybus into town spent the entire time around the centre of the city then caught a cab out to the airport to head home. Once we got to the airport the cab driver told us the Eftpos machine wasn't working and he would have to take an imprint of my debit card using one of those old fashioned swiper things. Keep in mind this was at like 6 in the morning so i just agreed and handed it over before signing the form for the amount of the charge. First Charge: Didn't worry about it til the 27 May when i noticed my account had been overdrawn thought crap what was that for and chucked some cash in to bring it back into the black. The charge came through for $49.58 the next day as "Cab Accounts Aust, Brunswick" I thought ahh thats it the cab to the airport. Second Charge: Checked the bank today and $47.50 had been taken out this time with "Black and Yellow, Nth Melbourne" as the company. I thought wtf is that about i haven't been back to melb since April. So i have just spent the last 2 hours at the bank trying to cancel my card and get the money back only to be told that it could take up to 120 days for it all to be investigated after which i may or may not be reimbursed. In future i will def be carrying cash on me whenever i need a cab. F$^%in Dog Kents. tl;dr Ripped off by cabby don't pay with CC unless through EFTPOS. EDITED FOR DAN
  13. Bored again stole a few peoples ideas and work added a bit of my own not the greatest with photoshop though if you can't tell ha ha
  14. As long as the signals aren't hacked into by the opposing force.... Instant info on every soldiers position and whether he is shitting himself yet