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  1. for s15 vertex, will front and rear bars fit to wider guards?? also how much postage to 4817 townsville for full kit.
  2. sly15 is my username and havent been able to log in for a while. i used that forgot button but it never sent, maybe it was a different email adress. My new email adress is bruac@hotmail.com please fix my account as i am a donating member sly15 / bruac@hotmail.com
  3. Hey just after a bit of info, Im installing a fmic to my girlfriends r34 and the kit that I got was a cheapo one but good quality but it doesnt have any fittings to put a hose onto go to the boost solenoid. The guy I bought it from who has sold many said to just put a tee piece into the line to the bov. Is this a wise thing to do or should i put a fitting into the 1st pipe before the cooler. Cause i've read on a few boost controller manuals that the line for the controller has to come from before the throttle body. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  4. Just got my intercooler kit and was extremely fast shipping. Have also bought an alarm last year from greg too and was also quick shipment and a great price. Will also deal with him again. Thanks man