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  1. i have installed an s13 sr20det engine&trans into a 240sx....it starts, runs, turbo works and everything in the car works pretty much the same, headlights,a/c,etc....but there is a problem the engine only revs up to 3000rpm both on idle and while car running. i couldnt figure it out. all wirings are connect correctly, trans works fine, turbo spools and make cool noise, though the water pump is leaking and the vacumm lines are not connected it shouldnt interfere with the rev of the engine. so if anyone of you enthusiast and pro's know whats wrong..please let me know asap. also has been modified with a chip "blitz access chip" which came with the ecu from ebay auctions. im pointing the blame on the ECU but not so sure. if you know wut it is let me know...pls i need your help. thank you!