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  1. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 104000 Price : $8,000 Condition : Used Make : nissan Model : s13 silvia / onevia year : 1989 color : baby blue kms : 104xxx on the cluster - motor is freshly rebuilt less then 500km ago. rego : no RWC : no Engine : * SR20det redtop - fresh rebuilt have the recipts to prove it. * Garrot t2871r turbo * front mount cooler * bosh 019 fuel pump * Extreme heavy duty clutch less then 1k old, was put in when motor was been rebuilt. have recipts * 3" turbo back exhaust * Apexi pod filter with metal intake. * AVCR - boost controller ( not instaled - comes with all the wiring ) Suspension : * tomi adjustable coilovers with front camber tops. * front strut brace. * 17" wheels - unsure of what they are. * 30mm spacers front and back Body : * complete 180sx front to make it a onevia. * Fresh resprayed baby blue, will need to be buffed/cut polish cause its just been sitting outside my garage for sometime now. * * full body kit - cant remamber brand, ill update when i remamber. * 30mm wide front guards with vent. * front parkers are not connected, but comes with it. Interior : * original interior - missing acouple of plastic bits. * afew cracks on the dash unfortunitly. * momo steering wheel. * white silvia seat covers. Audio: * no speakers or headunit. Price : * currently only looking at offers/trade Contact: Michael - 0431 098 500 Location - northan suberbs - melbourne.
  2. Price : $10 Condition : Used - s15 25mm wide body rear quarter panels ( 3 piece set ) $180 - 180sx LHS door $40 - 180sx rear bar $40 - 180sx door trims $30 - 180sx standard steering wheel $20 - 180sx glove compartment / ashtry surround $40 - 180sx tear drop indicators 2 sets $30 a set - 180sx LHS head light $40 - 180sx rear tail lights sprayed with tint $50 - 180sx typex window buttons LHS/RHS $30 - R33 cluster 125xxx $70 - R33 front seats $120 - R33 rear seats $70 - R33 LHS & RHS doors $50 each - R33 interior light $20 - R33 3 piece tail lights $80 - R33 climate control unit $80 - R33 door trims $50 - R33 rain deflectors $15 - R33 below door trim that says skyline on it. LHS/RHS $15 - R33 pastoral shelf $30 contact 0422026957 for info located lalor , melb , vic.
  3. what an ass

    still at the shop getting work done. feel free to leave any comments or suggestions http://i42.tinypic.com/1o13k3.jpg
  4. Hey guys, I just recently brought a run around car the other day. It's a 95 Civic and roadworthy was supplied from the (private) seller with the sale. When I went to test drive/check it (before I brought it) I noticed an oil leak coming from the sump area. The brakes also made driving noise (without brakes applied) and shuddered a little bit under braking. I let the seller know, and he mentioned that the mechanic who would do the RWC was his friends shop. I let the seller know that I wanted the stuff fixed since it was going to be my run around car. Anyways when I went to pick up the car the seller mentioned that his mechanic said the brakes were fine and everything was all clear. Since I was in a hurry I signed the transfer papers, got the RWC from the seller and handed over the cash; but without checking the oil or anything until I got it home. It seems that on the roadworthy the car passed the brake test (now compulsory with all RWC's) and nothing was fixed/said about the oil on the RWC. These are 2 fair problems, which I don't think the mechanic has any defense of saying they happened after he gave out the RWC. The car is still in his name since I haven't had time to transfer it over yet, and I haven't let him or his mechanic know about it yet. I'm really inclined to do something about it, so has anyone been in a similar situation where the RWC they got was dodgy? What was the outcome? What should I do? Should I go and get a roadworthy test from another mechanic and notify the mechanic who gave the dodgy one? Cheers in advance
  5. JDM stickers

    I'm looking for an aussie sticker and decal website/shop who sell Domo kun, URAS drift cat and other JDM/drift type stickers. Anyone know of any? Cheers in advance
  6. rb20 vs sr20

    hahaha this is the 3rd time he's hacked into my shit. but deep down inside he knows RB > *
  7. I would just like to say that i've been an rb20 owner for almost 2 years now, and i have recently come to realize that sr20 are a much better engine in many many many ways. and the last 2 years of my life have been regretful. Thank you all for wasting your time reading this. Owned.by.yousif 4=)
  8. Lost my licence

    seriously, these laws are getting out of hand
  9. Gearbox question

    i think they're identical apart from the gears
  10. noise complaint

    mates wrx copped a complaint from neighbours about excessive noise. cops came down, asked him to go to epa.
  11. STR8E180 - R32 GTR

    sorry to hear that happen to such a beautiful car
  12. Interesting

    i already tried it straight after the power to weight bullshit came in, and just wasted money. DOTARS sets the rules for specifications on cars, so even if you have some custom setup compared to an original silvia/skyline it means jack shit. power to weight calculator for those interested.
  13. Mazda RX-7 cheap...but

    buy it, save cash, buy peice of shit car, drive POS till Ps are over smiles all round
  14. so many times i see P platers driving R33 turbos
  15. www.the-underdogs.info - your new best friend