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  1. Uras type s bodykit

    Nah its more than $30 to post to my area, kinda rural area haha so its was like the price of another kit on top of the final price.
  2. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Uras-Type-S-rear-bumper-body-kit-Nissan-180SX-/350510391076?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item519c0c1f24 Hey guys saw the bodykit on ebay but location is up QLD, My question is does anyone know where I can get this bodykit in Melbourne?
  3. Power steering piping

    Cheers guys will get onto the earls fittings, probably the cheapest options
  4. 400K for a Toyota Camry!

    To me it kinda looks like a Holden VE haha
  5. Hey guys, So I was checking my oil today and discover I had a leak thought it was the coming from the rocket covers but it was my power steering tubing that its leaking from, so I thought I'd go down to autobarn and pick up a new one...to my surprise they dont stock it WTF!!! same deal with supercheap. So can you guys tell me where I can get a powersteering tubing from? Got told if you use normal ones they eat thru them Thanks Sandro
  6. Airfuel Gauge Question

    Yeah I've heard some good things about the innovate wide band gauges, Only problem now is I was really set on having all the same gauges. Might have to bite the bullet and get a new one wideband one. Thanks for the reply guys
  7. Sorry for thread hijacking, but I'm in the same process of installing my own oil cooler and remote filter as well, With the main difference being I've got a couple of gauges sensor going on the filter adapter as well. BUT my question is does any know if it matter if the oil temp and oil pressure sensored wired up to the remote adapter as opposed to having it next to the engine oil filter location?
  8. Hey guys, So heres my problem, I've installed an airfuel raito gaugae into my car and thought it was faulty as it was only reading rich a few google clicks and a quick search on NS later, my knowledge of Airfuel reading in greatly increased haha. Now I'm aware that I need a wide band o2 sensor as my current set up is only hooked into the ECU o2 sensor or a single band hook up. Does anyone know if I can just buy a wide band o2 sensor only and wire it up to my current gauge? Thanks Sandro
  9. Post up A Pic of ur Skyline!

    Hey mate do u go to swinburne? im pretty sure i say this car at swinburne a few weeks ago lol i drive a 32 as well lol might upload some picture later