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  1. Had a car come in to our panel shop for repairs the front seat had to come out and under the seats was a few photos of the owner of the car naked with a few girls
  2. Worst service ever Im on a $59 plan I got given the wrong phone sent to me and a 1300 dollar bill which I had to pay till the onbudsman sorted things out
  3. What tools do you use everyday?

    Being a panel beater I can't go a day with out using a hammer and dolly But all you really need are Socket set Wrachet spanners Screw drivers Torq bits Pliers
  4. Majority of bars are pp EPDM the only time I've come across a bar at work that wasn't EPDM was on a ford bottom lip
  5. Hesitation under boost

    I had this problem my cure was the timing
  6. Breaking Bad

    I just bought season. 4 on DVD
  7. Brokded Bones!

    Broke my ankle in soccer my left leg is now slightly smaller didn't grow properly. I now stand with a slant aha
  8. bonnet gap :S

    bonnet may be warped. hinges may be bent. open the bonnet there's black rubber adjusters wind them In more. play around with the bonnet catch and striker when you close the bonnet does it feel like it moves left or right like the striker is hitting something ? don't use washers to solve any fitment problem it dosnt fix anything
  9. Epic car fail thread

    lives around the corner from me been for sale for about 2ish years it's even worse when you look at it close up
  10. running rich, poor idle.

    I have a similar problem I'm taking to to get a dyno Thursday
  11. Car Trashed

    it's more annoying than anything got my car painted for free at work the only shit thing is having to pay 32$ for new plates
  12. Car Trashed

    my license plates were stolen last week got a new set and they were stolen that same night and my car was keyed now I have a 3rd set which I'm hoping lasts a bit longer
  13. Engine bay colour coordination

    this is my engine bay atm I've only just started to neaten things out I'll get my engine bay done at work in a few weeks when I'm ready
  14. Can't access WTB forum

    you need 100 post count read the forum rules
  15. Looking for a job!

    I'm almost 3rd yeah in my apprenticeship im really over the low pay starting to really regret committing myself for 4 years