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  1. Diesel Mechanic worth getting into?

    Fark man join Facebook and get on these two pages Awesome boileys page And Jim (jobs in mining) plenty of shutdown work coming up over Christmas . Take and job you can get if it's grinding pipe 12 hours a day it will look good on your resume
  2. Diesel Mechanic worth getting into?

    Where you from ? I have contacts screaming out for welders
  3. things that annoy you

    People doing anything less that 110 on freeway should be smothered by Suzanne boile Trucks speed should be risen to 110 Everyone doing = 110 = no need to over take = less angry drivers = safer roads ? Common sense to un common
  4. Fox News. Super reliable source that one
  5. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    Christ. I want your job/money intake
  6. I did those quick Jobs and no one was on the game so I made me host and no one joined for hours
  7. Wtf. How do you guys do anything. No death matches or races have players. I'm waiting hours to get a full team Finding leveling and money really hard
  8. Tailem Bend sold.

    Hopefully who ever is spear heading the drift push is some one reasonable
  9. Tailem Bend sold.

    f**king whiners. Too far, grow a sack
  10. Rep system is back!

    Speaking of negs, This punch of Abos behind me in the housing trust house has to be best free comedy .
  11. FAIL FAB

    Surely taking the piss...
  12. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    Why are you selling ?
  13. Hey guys, so i thought this needs to be an issue that everyone needs to had bought to their attention. 4 weeks ago my navara got broken into, nothing special. broken window ipad stolen. we got it fixed by insurance and went on with our life. last week the car was stolen. stolen within a 5 minute window, no alarm no sounds. this we are talking about is a 2009 car with an alarm and an emobliser that is suppose to protect the car? the car was found a week later complety stripped with stockies burnt out in a back street. the car was a stx so top of the line model. i hope you this has spoked your interest into how they did it so easy, and how new cars are being stolen so easy. we had a discussion with the police about it and have this conclusion that should worry all car owners. REMOVE ALL YOUR LOG BOOKS FROM YOUR CAR IMMEDIATLY. this is the new phase of cars being stolen. if anyone jumps into their car and grabs their log books have a flick throgh to the page about the car details and scroll to the bottom. on the bottom it has all the details for the car key. once they have those details they simply take it to dodgey dave down at the local dealer, he puts in a lost key request and wham now the thieves have a brand new key to your car. they are stealing top of the line cars taking all the extras and putting them on stock cars and selling. basically untracable. in other words im warning everyone to remove their log books from their cars. apologies for all the spelling mistakes or if it doesnt make sense but its crazy how easy it can be done and how little people know! CLIFFS: thieves break into car use log bok details to get key numbebr get new key cut take your car within seconds not sure if this is a known topic but i think everyone needs to know so spread the word
  14. f**k working away . Online sounds insane awesome . Can't wait to play it
  15. Rep system is back!

    Lel, black judas
  16. Rep system is back!

    You sure it's not to store dingleberries? well, sure there are a few in there. but the odd slab of mayo and sauce never goes astray
  17. Rep system is back!

    thats why i keep this fkn beared.
  18. Rep system is back!

    clearrrrrrly the doors shut. haha. great times. f**k i got a big dick
  19. Rep system is back!

    Full version is soooo shit. Enough adds to drown an infant
  20. Rep system is back!

    Of course your the type of person to shit in public with the door wide open judas
  21. Rep system is back!

    Well f**k a dead sheep in Mexico.
  22. If the falcon bad a mechanical problem there would have been 90% less smoke.

    I mean, it's just not a known thing. Well 90% Of people were so surprised. People might so "don't always listen to cops" but the fact the video footage shows someone wall up to the car jump and go... Says its a lot more Then someone with good wiring skills