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  1. 4x4 Pics and vids

    Rules apply same as any other picture thread, every post must have a relivent 4x4 picture. Post away.
  2. So last night I was in my shed tidying up and looking and my broken drift car. The cost to get it back on track would cost just under 2k But once on the track ill need to fork out trailer hire entry petrol etc etc, everyone knows the costs. I'm saving for a house and building up my dream 4x4 so find little money or motivation to build it. Has anyone else made the choice to give in drifting? I mean I wouldn't get f**k all for my car so it's not worth selling . I've done enough drift days to say I'm a confident driver and really just wanted to try enter one main event. But after the weekend I went camping with some quads and motorbikes and if anyone has driven a 450 quad you'll know you can get the exact same expirebce of drifting at 1/5 the price. Discuss
  3. Doing a drive to melb tomorrow to pick a part up if anyone hast anything needed either way send us a txt or call Has to be confirmed tonight leaving tomorrow at 1 from Murray bridge 0415917154
  4. Who Believes In Ghosts?

    This part and this whole episode describes mediums exactly
  5. things that annoy you

    You keep making references as if I give a fuxk if it's labour, liberal greens shooters your mum. It doesn't matter. All I'm saying is, it's about FUXKING time they ALL were held accountable for corruption or anything of a sort. He needs to be made an example of simple. If he has nothing to hide, WHY DID HE f**king QUIT
  6. things that annoy you

    You guys realise all he did was fail to report receiving a single bottle of wine right?? It's not like he deliberately disrupted and slowed down a federal investigation into misuse of union funds in order to protect one of his MP's and prevent himself from losing the top position. I mean, what kind of corrupt piece of shit would do that? In a position like his, he would sign piles of paper each day and probably receives multiple gifts each week. It is not beyond the realm of reality for a person to lose track of one gift they received. Was it sloppy and short sighted behaviour? Sure it was! Was it such an enormous a crime to the people of NSW that it would warrant a massive disruption to our government just for a bottle of fermented grapes? I'm all for reprimanding the guy, and giving him punishment for his mistake, but you people screaming for jail time clearly have a short memory. This is the biggest screw up to come out of NSW Liberals, now think about some of the massive f**kups to come out of NSW Labor. How many Labor MP's went to jail over a bottle of wine? Obviously a liberal supporter yourself and that's fine. I'm neither they are both corrupt. BUT, what your forgetting is this isn't just a bottle of wine. This is a bottle he received from a corrupt CEO... And then later that day quits his job? If he literally just forgot and slipped his mind, why has he quit? So later when they investigate deeper and realise his envolvmnt in the thing he is no longer in parliament and not destroying the libs credibility ?
  7. things that annoy you

    My old man says he should be stripped of all his pensions But since he "quit" before he's found guilty he walk on by with his pockets full
  8. things that annoy you

    Dodgey politicians. Barrey of**kwhit should be slammed and jailed. Corruption is such a "oh everyone will forget" like f**k Pisses me off
  9. Hungry Jacks VOUCHERS!

    It's like... Everyone ashamed to admit they eat fast food
  10. things that annoy you

    How the eff does this annoy you? Thought you were riding solo anyway you homo. Trying to find a Kouki front bar for the S14. Doing my head in Correction. Ex woman. Get rid of her. Like I did Like.. Murder ? Right?

    Evening all fellow drummers! i think we should start a thread for us so ill start it off... my names brad.. been playing drums for 6-7 years now.. started with some cheap shit billy hyde kit but now own a pearl exp kit and have had it for about 2 years from brand new... I quit for 2 years and gave up but then saw taylor hawkins (foo fighters) playing at Hide Park and ever since then i fell inlove with fooies and my kit.. pics its a bit of an old picture got two new zildjian cymbals.. Enjoy
  12. things that annoy you

    Cyclists in the hills. It is worst ten the rodent problem of '72
  13. Cbf reading posts but it's the easiest way to catch out stolen cars that haven't been listen stolen.
  14. e-Theft/Fraud

    He said when he clicked on the "Contact seller" button it forwarded him to email me. Mr Chris Grant c.grantjdm@gmail.com in Alice Springs. On the mobile number #0459087398 he sent me a message to transfer the $50 into his partners account (said he couldn't access his at work) So I transfered the money to T Gai BSB 083-832 ACC 149668180. He said he would be posting it that day..... Hasn't answered his phone or email since. Couldn't/shouldn't this site give me his username at least? Normally I wouldn't be sending anyone cash in the hope I might get a part that I need. But foolishly I was more trusting of this guy because I thought I was dealing with a member on this forum. BTW I still need a TPS for an auto SR20det if someone has one. How much will I freak my auto out if I just ran a manual TPS anyone know? Cheers, Rob. Assuming it's his real number, go to a dero phone box In permi pen write "pills weed call *insert number*"
  15. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    As if you want it slammed. Less attention= more run on the roads
  16. Tow cars?

    Wow really. 4x4? Dual cab? I towed with the standard single cab tray and it was the most gutless piece of ahit I have ever driven. And the brakes. Wow! Just terrible for a. Rand new car
  17. regency

    f**k you got ass fuxked Truck on here took through his old school ford. Loud as fuxk chunky as f**k wrong engine etc and not a question asked Same as me. Patrol 3" lift 3" exhaust . Fairly loud wrong engine and all they did was check and chane the numbers
  18. Drifting quitters

    Just the money side. It cost a f**king fortune. I have a house now and in always working away so money goes other places and very time I look at the car I just think I spend sooooo many hours only to spend more hours on it
  19. Anyone a qualified plumber who deals with has hot water services and wants a cashie in modbury north today pm me Hot water service is giving me te shits
  20. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    All these turbos and fuxk around and you could have just purchased the turbo I had I have an old td05 I think f**k knows where it is but I bought it for $200
  21. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Do it all the time. When working in windy conditions you'll find stainless doesn't flare up as easily as mild. A lot easier to weld pipe About to sit my ticket 4 . Why am I so nervous ? I do this shit every day
  22. Toilet paper

    I'm working in the middle of bum fuxk and I honestly don't know of a worse plae to shit. 43 outside must be 50 inside the toilets. seats are almost to hot to sit on. And that, is the worst shit to have