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  1. NOpe, we do have the project kics type..they are longer type CHeers Wei
  2. Hi guys, Got some special on rays whel nuts standard length availabe in blue/red/black/gun metal, RRP $250, special price $199 DELIVERED Precision industries metallic cats EURO, CARB OBD approved, made in USA fully flanged ready to go $350 delivered include, bollts, nuts gasket. S13, S14, S15, Skylines 32, 33, 34. Buddy CLub smaller Dry cell batteries- $299 delivered Buddy Club N+ suspenion coilovers HCR32 - $1699 + delivery CARBING DASH roll cages steel type 4pt s13, 180sx - $990 + delivery CARBING FLOOR SUPPORT brace, bolts up along chassis rail for stiffer underbody steel - $799 a pair CARBING gear knobs metal grit type - $99 delivered CARBING radiator caps - $59 delivered CARBING air diversion plates Z33, GTR33, ECR33 - $179 delivered Cusco type-RS LSD spring type, in stock for most nissan - $1599 delivered ARC baffled extened oil pan sumps SR - $660 delivered ARC titanium geark nobs from $239 delivered ARC radiator caps $69 delivered ARC oil fillter caps ACRE brake pads 0-450 deg super street non abestos street/race pad - $149, in stock for most makes BILLION Super solid silicone hoses silvia, skyline - $299 delivered BILLION thermostats 65/71 deg SR, RB - $149 delivered BILLION radiator caps - $69 delivered BILLION water temp sensor adaptors -$69 delivered Walbro 255 GS 342 fuel pumps - $179 delivered Splitfire coil packs S13, S15 - $699 delivered TRUST PE2 Cat back exhaust systems full stainless s13, ER34 - $1099 + delivery TRUST PE2 TIC cat back exhaust system mix stainless/titanium s14 - $1399 + delivery Philips hid kit 6000k, 18 months warranty, h1, h7, h4H/L from $399 Greddy intake plenums, s13, s14, s15, ECR33, GTRs from $1499 Tomei fuel pressure regulators $219 delivered PLs feel free to contact us on 0403003131 or sales@visionr.com.au Kind regards Wei
  3. Hey, Is your brakes brembo, or non brembo 4 pot? Brembo is $219 Non brembo is $179 delivery is included via express post Cheers Wei
  4. u go and make them out of "word" or u mean wood, the wood prob cost u more than the ramps and the ramps will prob rot in the wet. good on ya, if u got nothing positive to post, dont post! We sell many of these ramps to end users, workshops and people at the track so im not too sure wtf u complaining about.
  5. Hi guys Weve got some Phillips hid kits in stock. These are one of the most reliable hid kits running around. Backed by 18 months warranty, these HID kits run genuine Phillips burners which are made in Germany. Available kits are H1, H4HL, H7 4300k yellow/white oem and 6000k platinum white. H1, H7 - $399 delivered H4 HL - $499 delivered Please feel free to contact us on 0403003131 or sales@visionr.com.au or visit http://www.visionr.com.au Kind regards Wei
  6. Hi guys, http://acre.co.jp/index.html We are proud to attain sole exclusive rights for Australian distributors for ACRE products. ACRE established in 1996 and been developing and manufacturing top quality and value for money brake products in Japan for over 13 years. They have their own circuit/drift cars over in Japan and also sponsors many race cars. ACRE BRAKE PRODUCTS ARE 100% MADE IN JAPAN. ACRE pride themselves on manufacturing highest quality products in Japan. They have the best selling street brake pad (Super Fighter) in Japan for past 7 years because of its performance and price. ACRE has also recently brought out their new line of brake rotors the SLT Slotted and SPL Special Slotted Rotors We have our first shipment arrived couple of months ago and all our stock has been sold out very fast with many workshops and customers impressed with the price and quality of the Super Fighter. With our new shipment arriving in 1-2 weeks time, we have the full range of Brake pads for most makes and models including Silvias s13, s14, s15, Skylines r32, r33, r34 and GTR. ACRE super fighters - Best selling brake pad in Japan past 7 years, offers low price with high quality, Non Abestos being very easy on rotors, designed for street use, good respones with the cold start because of its high intial bite. This pad has its all best balance, can be use on normal daily and sports vehicle driving with its 450 deg temp rating. This is what they call a super street pad with ACRE new technology compound with minimal brake dust and low noise levels. Price is $179 per pair, Brembo versions are $219 per pair ACRE DOT 5 Over Brake fluid, for real track goers, this fluid has higher temp ratings and boiling points dry 338, wet 238 boiling points - $69/L + delivery, COMPATIBLE WITH DOT4 ACRE Formula Titian Brake pads Acre Formula Titan brake pads are rated for 0-850 deg and coef friciton of 0.35 to 0.65. Its compound is made from Carbon graphite metallic and titanium. This Pad is Acre's High Level Street and Circuit Pad, which will give you maximum stopping power for any winding street applications and race conditions. More targeted for use in high level street use, or circuit and track work, it offers excellent brake control, initial bite, high temperature tolerances. Formula Titan is your choice of a serious race pad. Non brembo pad $359 a pair Brembo pad $379 a pair Acre Forumla Ceramic Brake pads are rated up to 900 deg and coeff friction of 045-0.55. This pad is for full-scale track orientated circuit work, it is Acre's race pad finished by a composite of the ceramic + carbon metallic! It can withstand extreme conditions and complete circuit runs repeatedly, being a composite of cerarmic and titanium/carbon composite, It can reduce heat conduction to the rotor/caliper. The overwhelming braking force this pad produces with great balance of high control characteristics and large initial braking force. The higher solid feel lets the driver take control with excellent feel and direct touch. In addition, it is superior to fading characteristics-resistant even in a high temperature, and was outstandingly superior to the abrasion characteristics. Being such a race pad, this pad can offer low aggressiveness to the rotors. Non brembo pad $449 a pair Brembo pad $479 a pair Acre's rotors show stable performance with strength, heat resistance, crack characteristics-resistant and all aspects. Perfect together with Acre's range of brake pads. Whats available? Slotted SLT (FC250 material) and Special Slotted (SPL) where by combination of a high purity molybdenum / copper / nickel is used with a special rotor. Acre slotted rotors are available in Front and Rear and SPL rotors are available for the front only. Acre Slotted rotors SLT - Starting from $399 a pair (Order only atm) Acre Special Slotted rotors SPL - starting from $699 a pair (Order only atm) For this introductory offer, we will be offering FREE delivery via express post for any brake pads sold. Please feel free to contact us for further enquiries and orders as sales@visionr.com.au, 0403003131, alternatively visit http://www.visionr.com.au or visit us at Unit 3/18 Hines Rd, O'Connor, Perth W.A 6163 We welcome dealer/stockist enquiries Kind regards Wei
  7. Hi guys, Introducing Tomioka Racing U.S Super Slopes. Tomioka Racing Super Slopes are designed to help car enthusiasts with lowered vehicles to reach all front, side, and rear jack point areas. The Racing Slope will raise the vehicle 3 inches higher from the ground. Made of strong plastic material, they only weigh in at 10 lbs., with dimensions of 27x8x3 inches. These lightweight and easy to store ramps will be the only thing you'll need to help jack up your lowered vehicles. $199 + delivery Currently in stock Pls feel free to contact us on 0403003131 or sales@visionr.com.au. Alternatively visit us at our shop kind regards Wei
  8. 1 x s13 sold 1 x s15 sold
  9. could be made out of gold with the price of gold going up
  10. np, u guys drive a hard bargain, well offer 10% off for the first 10 sold. This include p&h delivered to your door. Cheers Wei
  11. We have removed the picture.
  12. Hi guys, We got heeps stock on these 3 centre guage pods 60mm made in abs plastic imported from Japan. These will secure onto dash via double sided tape provided or with holes and screw down. They house 60mm guage with a super clean look. $249 delivered, 10% off for the first 10 sold! Pls feel free to contact us on sales@visionr.com.au, 0403003131 or visit us at Unit 3/18 Hines Rd, O'Connor, Perth W.A 6163 Kind regards Wei