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  1. I wouldn't do it... it will seriously decrease the value of the car when its time to sell....
  2. I would have chosen the supra as well. It is far better looking, has a much better interior, and is more reliable. It may not handle as well as the gtr, but it still handles well. The gtr may also have an advantage in drag racing due to the awd launch, but supras are still very good drag cars. So yeah go I would go the supra because it looks amazing, has a great interior, insane engine and gearbox, very quick, awesome mod potential, and decent handling. Anyways, moving on… A lot of people in this thread seem to be making out the gtr will always be better than a supra with regards to drag racing because of the awd advantage. Awd certainly helps, but there are methods to help make an rwd car launch well. Look at the fastest drags cars in the world… what percentage of them are awd? Being rwd is not as big of a disadvantage as many of you guys make it out. There are also many methods for supras to get around this little disadvantage. I’m just wondering what do you guys think is the better performer… a wrx or a 200sx? Many of you are saying that the gtr is better than the supra because it has awd… Supras and gtrs are very similar in other aspects just like 200sx’s and wrx ‘s are similar in many aspects with main difference again being the awd vs rwd. Going by the logic in this thread, I would expect most to say the wrx will be better. This question might shed a bit of light on who hsa what biases...
  3. 300zx or 180sx?

    Its simple... 300 looks better, more comfortable, performs better. 180sx is cheaper to maintain.
  4. There are plenty of nice r33's around... hold off until you find one that u know is perfect. Plus if it was stolen it porbably go the thrashing of a lifetime!
  5. Call for all s14/s14a member rides!

    Well it happened in January, and I have been saving since to get it repaired. Although, it is supposedly pretty bent underneath, so I'm told it might not be worth getting it fixed. When the panel beater first saw it he said about 7g's which I was very happy about, but after he had it up on a hoist, he basically doubled the price. So, i'm going to take it to someone else and see what they say. Haha... I think me and you are depressing the thread...
  6. Call for all s14/s14a member rides!

    Shit... I thought mine was bad, but damn! s14a luxury highspec parked wit third party insurance only + drunk driver with no rego, no insurance, no money or anything else = one very depressed me.
  7. I got a guy to come out for a quote today.... he said it doesn't look good and will be very expensive to fix. I was told it is close to a write off, but he won't know for sure until he gets it onto a hoist. Until then I can't get an accurate quote.... He is writting up an estimation though... So, I will be getting a couple other quotes and see what happens. A lot of things are bent though.... Thanks to those offering help etc... when I know what I am going to do I will get in contact with people. I may end up having no choice but to sell the car cheap as is because I have pretty much no money. Its been a bad month... Also, I will be getting legal advice soon...
  8. Thanks for the advice. I have talked to the insurance company and they want me to get some quotes, show the guy and then see what he has to say. If he says he has no insurance and can’t pay (very likely) they will chase it up I think. I get a max of 3 grand from them in this situation anyway I think. I was 19 when I got quoted 4500 for insurance, but the high price has a lot to do with my area. Lots of things get stolen around here…. ‘Did the Police attend the accident?’ The cops were there, and there was a witness so that helps. The guy is going to be in a lot of trouble… ‘hey M.G Call Doug on this no 0417-505-269 he can hook u up with some parts for the rear, located in Vic, where you located?’ I’m located in the west… I will give him a call after I speak with the guy and my insurance company. We’ll see what happens…
  9. Thursday night a very drunk 40+ man in a 1980 shitbox Mazda with expired registration and fake plates smashed my parked car. My car launched… the back of my car ended up 4 or so meters in front of where the front of my car was originally. Sucks hey? Here is the bad part… full comp insurance for me would have cost 4500 dollars, so I only have third party… I’m 95 percent sure he doesn’t have any insurance at all. I’ve got his address, which is for a unit, but the cops said it looks like he has been living out of his car for a while… So what should I do? I’m getting a couple quotes on Monday, and am then going to show him and see what he has to say. If he says he has no money… what next? I know I can take him to court, but if he has nothing, then I could be stuck with legal fees and be getting like 5 bucks back a week for 90 years… What would you do? Any advice at all? Also, I am going to post some pics. Does anybody have a rough idea of how much it will cost, or if it is even repairable (should be I think)? I will be getting some real quotes soon but just want a ball park figure. thanx
  10. I just installed and set mine up a couple of days ago. Once you get into it, it is very simple. I couldn't find the manual i used, but these web pages might help you out. http://www.scoobymods.com/forums/showthrea...s=&threadid=663 http://mkiv.com/techarticles/blitz_sbc_id/ http://www.splparts.com/doc/SBC-iD.htm
  11. I'm after a clutch that can handle about 200-220 rwk comfortably and not be to much of a hassle in a daily driver. Any suggestions? I've did a bit of research and have some ideas, but was wondering what you guys though... I'm prepared to spend up to $1500... labor isn't an issue. Thanks for your help!
  12. Weren't 1990 silvias ca18dets? Also don't sr20 s13's come with 153kw?
  13. 300zx or 180sx?

    Unless you have actual experience and not just the opinion of somebody else, you should refrain from throwing in your own 2 cents, as you don’t actually have any real information. It is funny that so many people just sprout things that they heard from someone, who heard it from someone else, who heard it from someone else, who heard it from someone else… Having said that, I have nothing to say except that I much prefer the look of 300’s to 180’s. I do suggest you ask the same question on a 300 board before you make your final decision. This place is way to biased but of course they are going to be or else they wouldn’t have bought the car they did…
  14. Your power figure seems a bit high for your mods. Congrats on the power! Although if I was you, iwould be a little worried that they may have tweaked with the dyno a bit so it reads higher... i've heard of a number of workshops doing it for publicity and advertising sakes. I'm not saying it has happehned, it's just something to think about.
  15. I would use the search function but it does not seem to be working…. I am going to be getting some cooler piping made up and am wondering what material is best to use. I’m not worried about its appearance… I’m more concerned about functionality and cost. Any suggestions? How does mild steel compare to stainless? Is either any more heat resistant than the next? Thanx for any help