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  1. Car got stolen while in VIC so I'm selling the random bits I had lying around. [Edit] - I've also got a stock T28 BB turbo (JDM). Needs a rebuild / New CHRA as its been pulled apart. Shell and all outer components are in good condition. I can get some pictures if anyone's interested. Item: rear seat plastics Description:all the trim for rear seat area. Price: $5 each Location: indooroopilly area Willing to post?: no Contact: 0490690561 Please msg my phone if you're interested you'll get a much quicker response. Boot Lock plastic trim $5 Left and Right rear seat side plastic parcels. $5 Steering Column plastics + driver side sub dash $5 Boot Carpet Lining Right $5 Boot Carpet Lining Left $5 / Rear Seat plastic trim $5 Boot Carpet Lining Rear $5 / Boot Carpet $5
  2. SR20 Goodness

    Hey mate, Do you still have the Turbo?
  3. New member to Forum (S15 Owner)

    I do love a white S15!
  4. lowered car + open diff suck ass

    Why did i get a neg Rep from that comment?
  5. lowered car + open diff suck ass

    For anyone interested or having this issue still. A couple of clicks of the handbrake will help you get up these gutters and out of trouble. hahah
  6. S15 Parts Clean Out!

    Hey SXS15, If you don't update post with location it might get removed entirely. They have strict Classifieds guidelines. I'm guessing your in SA? Members in SA would probably want to know how far to travel. Post some pictures of your stuff. It will sell faster.. and well when was the last time you bought some used shit of the internet without seeing it first hahah. Good luck bud.
  7. S15 After Market And Standard Part Out - $100

    Hey mate, Do you still have the Brake parts?
  8. Cheap S13, S14, S15 parts

    Do you still have rear S15 caliper assemblies? Double check price? I live in Brisbane. I really only need the pistons but I'm doubting you'll split them? if you'd post them how much total? Thanks.
  9. Item: Rear camber arms Description: Fantastic condition arms with energy suspension poly bushings. Original mounting bolts with camber washer(adjuster). Price: $65 for the set. Location: Indooroopilly qld. Willing to post?: yes Contact: 0430300673
  10. S15 Part out! (Interior, engine bay + misc bits)

    Hey there. Do you still have the rear calipers? Are they in good nick? Boots in tact? Pistons sliding nicely? Postage to qld 4105?
  11. Thanks for the reply. The workshop manual says its 98-118 Nm of torque. which is where i had it. I dont want to overtighten them and pop a stud. Maybe people do them up tighter? any ideas on the inside Diameter of the OEM Crush Tube? It does seem like excessive movement not just noise transfer. Was really hoping it was a tolerance issue.
  12. This is the Nolathane Site i used for measurements http://www.nolathane.com.au/product_detail.php?part_number=49154
  13. I have what feels to be quite a unique problem. I bought a US master PU bushing KIT. I also bought the Subframe PU bushings. After installing all the rear control arm bushings without a hitch i went on and did the subframe. Install went fine, very easy in fact. heated and pushed them out. My problem is that ever since doing the subframe bushings my car has been making a massive clunking sound. similar to the diff backlash people always complain about.The clunk occurs when quick change of gears is made or during take off. Generally when ever the clutch is engaged quickly. In addition when there is a large difference between speed and current gear. (I.e im in 5/6 gear and going 70. i hear a grinding.... speeding up to 90/100 and the grinding goes away.) a couple of months have gone by now and ive thought about it from every angle i can. Diff was fine before the bushings went in very quite. I had the rear bearings replaced which were shot. the clunking sound is still there. Finally i thought what if the subframe crush tubes were too large of a diameter and the entire subframe was moving a few mm when shifting. what i have come to assume is that my subframe moving back and forth is causing my propeller shaft to punch my transmission. And that the grinding is quick small punches making it sound like a grind. I checked the manual that came with the set and the inside diameter is 21.793mm .immideiately i went and searched for another manufacturer who supply a kit with such measurements. Nolothane have their part listing INSIDE DIAMETER :21.2mm. Okay so i went and had a part custom made to suit my new Inside diameter. took off my subframe today and tested the new crush tubes on the subframe chassis Bolts..... and they still have a fair bit of play. The bolts seem to be closer to 20mm. Ive noticed some scuff mark on the bolts on the front and back in the direction of travel (some of the paint has been taken off) which seems to indicate there is some movement there. what i would like is to see if anyone on here has some authority on whether the crush tubes for subframe bushings are supposed to have any play and or the inside diameter of the OEM Crushtube. I am such an idiot. i was in a mad rush at the end of the job and didnt check the fitment. and also binned the old OEM bushings i took out.
  14. S13 rear lca's hitting back of brake discs?

    Im Gussing this is an S13? I just did my Subframe , All arm bushings and ball joints yesterday.. but i have an S15... mine looks way different to yours.. Definately something wrong, hope you got it sorted.
  15. I had some issues collecting accurate information regarding the replacement of S15 JDM bulbs. Just went and checked the side of the bulb which says clearly HB3 9005. found some forum which stated a H4 for the highbeam which is not correct. Hopefully this helps anyone else replacing S15 JDM bulbs. Normal Headlamp - H1 Highbeam Headlamp - HB3 My stock bulb 9005 HB3