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  1. This still available mate?
  2. gktech clutch line

    Bling, it definitely seals, bled up fine too. Can get a pic of 2 of how it all sits tomorrow if you like. Works a treat as the banjo fitting is angle straight down and stops the line fouling on my intake manifold.
  3. gktech clutch line

    Banjo end is on the master on my 180....
  4. SR20 with no IACV

    Running a power fc. I assumed I could adjust the throttle body and tps, and just deal with have no cold start?
  5. SR20 with no IACV

  6. Hey guys, just want to know if anyone else on here has their SR20 set up with no IACV? My intake manifold doesn't have provisions for one and I'm having a bitch of a time getting it to idle. Am I right in running it up to operating temp, then adjusting throttle body to suit? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam
  7. SR20 oil filter plate on block

    I have one at home. Hit me up if you're still after one. Came off a redtop SR
  8. Redtop SR20 high idle

    IACV as been removed and replaced with a blanking plate.
  9. Redtop SR20 high idle

    Turbo SR running a kando td06, moved afm to cold side cooler pipe to simplify intake. IACV was deleted to simplify things further as mine was stuffed anyway. Hasn't been tuned as yet as I'm hoping to sort the idle out before putting it on the dyno. Got the injectors running at 50% on the PFC, thought that'd be enough to get it to idle? I was under the impression that with no IACV I'd be sacrficing my cold start and would need to adjust the throttle body to make it idle at operating temp?
  10. Hey guys, recently got my sr back together and running, and found it to idle at approx 2500rpm slightly hunting at times. Having only driven it up and down my drive way I've noticed a hesitation/delay when accelerating. Mods I thought may potentially affect this are, afm moved to just before tb, iacv deleted, 725cc injectors, completely reworked body loom. I was under the impression that removing the iacv would cause it not idle high on cold starts, I've also checked for vac leaks but thinking that would cause a rough idle instead? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Adam
  11. Guide: 5-Stud Upgrade & Brake Swap

    Just a quick question, if I fit R33 calipers to the front of my SR 180 and leave the rear calipers stock with just 5 stud hubs and rotors, will the standard bmc be sufficient?
  12. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone can give me some tips to wiring a switch panel for ignition. Looking to have a fuel cut key (similar to battery kill switch), ignition switch, fuel pump switch and start button. Also want to have red pilot lights for both switches and a green light that comes on above the start button when both switches are on to indicate that the vehicle is ready to start... I understand basic/slightly advanced wiring but am in no way an auto elec. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Adam
  13. Car won't start

    Are you still running an AFM? Similar thing happened with mine due to a loose connection....
  14. Car lowering question?

    Running coilovers, have a feeling that cover of the car may sit ever so slightly lower. Will get under it and have a proper look when the weathers a bit better