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  1. SR20 Goodness

    Parting out R32 Track car. All parts located Mackay QLD. All parts are used but in working order. Feel free to msg me here or via pm or via text 0448 944 096. Can organise freight via E-Go or Aus Post at your expense. More parts will be added in the future. OS Giken twin plate clutch. Solid centre. Model TS2B. Was overhauled before I purchased it. Plenty of meat left on the friction disks. Price: $700 Tomei ARMS M8270 Turbine kit. Rated 450+ ps. Internally gated. Comes with compressor elbow, lines (you will need new copper washers). T28 Flange. Maybe driven 100kms + a few dyno runs. Price: $800 Kelway Low Mount Turbo Manifold. Steam pipe construction. Nice manifold, no cracks. Fits well. Price: $600 Nismo 740cc Injectors. Bought new, maybe used for 100kms and a few dyno runs. Price: $400 set of 4 Catco Catalytic Converter. Not gutted. Only used for a short period. Price: $80 Custom Fabricated Front Pipe. Has flex joint welded into it. Suit SR20. Price: $80 S13 SR Power Steering rack. Has AN fittings in rack port, low pressure return line and high pressure hose, oil cooler and Works engineering tank. Has AN fitting on power steering suction. High pressure from pump also has AN fitting. S14 Strengthened Tie rods wtih Neotech tie rod ends (same as ikeya formula, bump steer adjustable.) With pump. Price: $350 R32 Rear Strut Brace Price: $50
  2. Set properly as per guides i have found which is 0.45v - 0.50v at idle and checked points at numerous positions
  3. Done and no difference forgot to add that above
  4. My setup is as follows if it helps. S13 sr20det blacktop Nismo 740's Greddy copy plenum Blitz bov power fc z32 Tomei arms m8270 Kelway manifold blitz afm tomei dump bc 272 in & exh Bc cam gears bc springs and retainers
  5. Hey all. Need a bit of help diagnosing a idle problem i have recently aquired. A few weeks ago i got new cams,springs, gears and retainers installed into the car and tuned at the local mechanic/tuner (bc 272's). Aftrr getting it back it was running great then two days later it wanted to idle at 3k, eventually worsening to 6k and not generating boost. This was tracked back to a crack in the manifold at the rear behind the fourth runner and a dodgy iac gasket. The idle has dropped down to under 2 grand but hunts like a mofo. On startup it idles about 2200 for 10 - 12 seconds stable then starts the hunt. Below is the list of things i have done to diagnose the problem. Changed all hosetails on manifold (1 leak was rectified doing this) Cleaned Z32 Afm and have tried another out of a working car Visually checked all silicon joins, clamps, hoses and pipework Pressurised system between after afm to throttlebody Pressurised system as above including manifold Replaced intake manifold gasket and bov gasket The entire system is without leaks but still is playing up. any ideas what it could be? Anyone else had a problem like this?
  6. Hey, So the other weekend my new cam kit rocked up from FRSport, consisting of BC Stage 3 Cams, Cam Gears, Springs and Retainers. Excited as i was, i threw it all in and took to my tuner to see if these made any difference overall to my cars power levels. As i found out today, im making close to 130hp lower than i was with standard cams. Cams were installed while engine was at TDC, Gears were set to 0deg, CAS was set back to factory settings, Installation was checked and double checked by countless revolutions of the motor and counting / sighting positions of teeth and timing marks. My tuner just cant get nothing out of it even when playing with gear timings. Has anyone had an experience with these particular cams? Car made 350rwhp @ 22PSI on the following setup WITH standard cams gears springs: Nismo 740cc Injectors Power FC Z32 AFM Tomei Arms M8270 Turbo Kit Tomei Dump Pipe Kelway Steam Pipe Manifold Splitfire Coil Packs Greddy Plenum Walbro GS342 Fuel Pump 3" Exhaust Any Help would be greatly appreciated
  7. sr20 into r32 skyline

    How can you tell? Engine came out of a halfcut from an s13 that was imported direct, essentials were kept and owner ditched the remaining shell.. is there anyway to tell from the engine number?
  8. sr20 into r32 skyline

    Getting the engine mod plated wouldnt be too much of a drama would it?
  9. sr20 into r32 skyline

    danzo gets my idea, i used to own a r32 and after driving the silvia i love the sr sooooooo much more than the rb20 ive driven rb25's aswell and rb26's and i still like the sr20 better its something diffrent, something fun, and its just as u gate it past its ' wtf thats not an rb????????????????' hahaha +1 for finding out as I'm about 2 weeks from doing the conversion, just waiting for my motor