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  1. Liscense suspension

    you keep the license and just dont drive and can be used as normal Thanks mate... Hopefully I never lose my lisence... But it could happen some day
  2. Liscense suspension

    I wonder what the laws are in Queensland
  3. If your liscence is suspended can you still use it as a valid form of identification provided that you do not drive a car/bike/boat etc? Sorry if this is in the wrong section...
  4. Misfiring when hot

    Thanks all... I'll try and get to that this weekend
  5. Misfiring when hot

    Are there any posts on here that show how yo fix that
  6. This had probably been posted before but... Basically when my car gets hot it misfires on #4... I have replaced the coil packs and spark plugs too no avail... If it's needed my engine is a CA18DET in a 1988 s13. Can anyone think of a likely fix and maybe link me to a how to guide... Just trying to get it fixed so I can sell the bloody thing in a month or so.
  7. Block-Buster Overdue fee's

    I had this before. I was contacted by BlockBuster stateing that i had not returned 2 movies (apparent replacement coset was in the mind $200.00's I clearly remember doing so as it was the day that I moved out of my old house and needed to go out of my way to drop these movies off. when i got the letter i called them and told them that I definatly did take them back and gave them to *insert the girls name here*, which they could check by looking at their security tapes. I ended up getting the fee waived but only after i went into the store and talked (read abused because she was a bitch) to the manager for a little while.
  8. you're assuming the general public isn't retarded and will know the difference. Im sure even teh most retarded person will understand that running out of petrol is their own f**king fault and something that could have been avoided.. same with the coolent/oil situation.
  9. So long as this only gets applied to people who break down for things that they cannot forsee i see no problem with this. If you are stopped because you have broken down or your car has shat itself due to not having any oil/coolent then i agree you should be charged.
  10. Pink Ping Pong Balls

    Oh for f**ks sake... what happened
  11. things that annoy you

    Facebook I dont have one because i am sick and tired of people from work or people I went to primary school trying to add me. FFS I dont talk to you at work and i havent spoken to you since grade 6 why would I want to talk to you now.
  12. should i be losing my license?

    Isnt it anything over 90db from your exhaust? or 110db (i think i am wrong here) from your stereo?
  13. Why were the SAS looking for him? Or did you mean the SES? I woke up in my GFs bed on saturday morning... not that interesting right? Well what makes it interesting was her and her parents were interstate, I meanaged to break into the house, disable the alarm, cook myself something to eat before passing out... at least im assuming thats what happened because i woke up coverd in food.
  14. A random girls place in Caboolture. Might not seem that weird, but taking into consideration I was down the gold coast at the start of the night and have aboslutly no recollection of what happened. I asked the girl where we had met and she said I was on the train heading to the city for some unknown reason, but according to her i seemed completely sober. Most of the weird places I have woken up have involved a massive drunken trip that i have no recollection of. Another one is I woke up in a cattle paddock 20km away from the party I was at and my mates tell me i said i was going to the shop for smokes and never came back,.
  15. Where are the good foods ?

    The best burgers in Australia are at Brod Burger in canberra. If your ever there just ask a cabbie to take you there and they will know where it is.