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Found 3 results

  1. Current spec list: Exterior Full body kit (has a few cracks lol) Square head lights (rare) Series 2 tail lights (rare) 17x9.5 +12 Rota Torques in Hyperblack (shadow chrome) with 205/45 Achilles Rays wheel nuts Late model chrome grill (not in photo) Cefiro weathershields Interior R33 gtr bucket seats mod plated Drift button 8 Defi gauges in custom enclosure Genuine Nardi Wheel Full genuine Cusco 7 point roll cage (not in photo) Fire extinguisher Suspension Non hicas subframe HSD HR coilovers (brand new) 999 Automotive Camber Arms Mechanical R32 RB25DE+T NON VCT KLS T3/4 turbo KLS stainless high mount manifold Sard 600cc injectors Greddy Profec B Spec 2 Boost Controller Nistune ECU with custom tune Custom wiring harness Permaseal T3 turbo gasket Permaseal exhaust gaskets Custom dump gasket Tial 44mm MV-R external gate Custom Screamer Pipe Custome braided turbo lines Custom 3” dump pipe Custom alloy hot pipe Custom intake pipe Custom heat shielding for wiring harness Custom 3” straight pipe exhaust Custom 4” blast pipes from diff back Universal 600x300x76 intercooler All brand new belts All brand new hoses RB25 radiator All new fluids engine/box/diff/clutch/brake/power steering Bosch 040 fuel pump Nismo 2 way!!! Abs removed Compression tested Well in January this year after selling my ae71 and my s13 still being nowhere close to driving after 2 years and over 15k I decided I most definitely did need another skidder. Ive always loved 4 doors and wanted to go something different to 32/33/34 4 door and couldn’t really afford a jzx90/100 so I decided I wanted a a31 or a c33. Finding good examples proved difficult but I ended up finding one that was cosmetically rough as hell but ticked a lot of the good boxes. So one trip down to the Gold Coast and back and I was driving my new Cefiro!!!! Yeeeewwww. Came with: - R33 gtr bucket seats mod plated - pod filter uleh - bosch 040 fuel pump - chipped ecu - d2 coilovers in front - tein coilovers in rear - new rear bushes - drift button - heavy duty clutch (in really good nick) - rb25 turbo - Spats front strut brace - Square head lights - s2 tail lights - side mount intercooler like a baws - shaved boot lid (why??) - Non hicas subframe - 2 way!!! - Abs removed - Fully sick Apexi boost guage - Neons (ewwwww) - Genuine Nardi wheel !! -Probably some other shit I forgot So I got it home did the usual making a list of everything that needed to be done. Didn’t seem that hard at first until I realized how hard some of the parts are to find, while others are just r32/s13. So gave it a service, plugs and went and got a RWC. Got rid of all the gay stuff and blocked up bov for maximum flutter uleh hahaha. I really hate BOVs. Paint on roof and bonnet was completely fooked so that was fixed by giving her the black treatment with some Montana cans. Didn’t touch the car for a while just skidded the living Christ out of it and did lots of party as it was still summer. yeeeeaaaahhh Then it was time to mod!!! First off I went and bought some steelies from Option 1 (circle style) in 16x8 -0 195/50 Kuhmo KU36 16x10 +25 225/50 Achilles ATR Did heaps more skidding and found a local guy who sells me 15” tyres with usually 70%+ for $10 each!!! So skidded many pairs of stockys. Didn’t really have to do too much just usually maintenance/checking for a while. Put my massive dildo knob in, chucked some stickers on, everything was peachy!! Until one day at a local track car started to go down on power a bit and was stuttering a bit on high rpm, so it was very gently driven back home. After suspecting coilpacks, plugs, fuel filter I was scratching my head for a while. Then did compression test and cyl 3 had a mighty 65psi ooops… RIP RB20 So the plan was to take it off the road only for a little bit but to bring it back harder than ever. I got an r32 rb25de cheap and supposedly these work with 20 loom etc. So that’s sitting on my garage floor bolted up and ready to drop in. A mate of mine was also parting out his s13 after copping a major a couple of weeks ago so I bought some thangs off him and new, ending up with: HSD HR coilovers (brand new) Camber Arms (999 Auto red super cool ones) 17x9.5 +12 Rota Torques in Hyperblack (shadow chrome) with 205/45 Achilles Rays wheel nuts So yeah that’s about where im at at the moment hoping to get it running again within the next couple of weeks !!!! Future plans for this thing are: Full cage (first things first) GKtech sump guard Rear strut brace Castor rods Rear toe arms Alignment from Paul at Option 1 Straight pipe Vanquish roof wing Solid subframe bushes Then: Knuckles Extended LCA’s Rack spacers Extended tie rods Maybe: Genuine Autech kit Genuine weathershields
  2. Rb25DET Neo Cefiro

    Hey mates Im currently in the middle of doing a A31 Cefiro Rb25det Neo project. Thought id share a few pics here and there and offer any help to those doing the same or similar conversion. just to let you know progress has gone a little slow as money and time have become tight recently, but hopefully il be looking at getting her legal, certed and tidied up by may. Btw this is my first forum post as i only ever use forums for infomation not showing off lol Alright enough rambling. Happy posting
  3. Hey, guys ! A small intro. Im russian and work and live in China, Beijing. Each f**king year there is this epic drift event in a city nearby. World Drift Series its name. WDSÊÀ½çÆû³µÆ®ÒÆϵÁÐÈü¹ÙÍø-WDS ,WDS , WDSCHINA£¬WDS Drift, WDS Drifting You can see some videos on youtube and coverage on speedhunters. American drifters(Matt Powers, JR, Ross Petty etc) are invited to event for even more madness and destruction. In 2010 I was driving an ass-spec C33 build in one week with 1jz and small T3-T4 turbo. All was good, only the f**king W58 factory clutch was sleeping. Untill on the last day at night I got my friend to borrow his r154 with ACT HD clutch. Which helped a bit. Funny thing is I got very deep into the grid. Going through top 32s and to top16s. Was kicked out in top4 battle by Ueo. Top 8 battle was with Imamura and I got lucky his half-shaft snapped)) Otherwise my weak ass skills and car wouldn't let me finish in top 8. Which is really funny with chinese guys buying expensive here s-chassis built by japanese/taiwanese for crazy money. Anyway, its always a huge problem to find a good garage or tuner here. But I was lucky and got help from a local guy. He basically sponsored me for event. Half of the parts on the car was mine. Engine wise it was his. Event starts on 29th of september. I bought the car on 15th of september from a friend. With a dead 4cyl carb CA20 engine. Cars had to be in the padocks on 27th. But I could negotiate for late entry on early morning of 29th. So here I start. Day 1 September 15th Got the piece of shit car. Looked god on the outside. But the roof line by the windscreen rusted to shit. Seller f**ked me over on that;) Could probably negotiate a better deal if I knew about that. Really gay red interior. I wanted to leave it. But f**k it. Scraped it all of in the end. Day 2 September 16th Brought over some of the parts for the car. Powered by max hydro handbrake, fake bride seats, 3 diffs with different final gears, half shafts for spares. simple and brute. 9.5J ET15 chinese wheels. Got only 2 haha. Rest is 9j with 20 offset. Here is a good edition for the engine. Guys here are really sketchy about turbos. So its either garrett BB or hks or greddy. I don't have that moneys. So I went to a diesel truck turbo shop. And picked this baby up. Its genuine garrett GT3782R. Journal bearing. T4 devided AR1.0 on the hot side. Manufactured in shanghai garrett plant for some truck. Compressor: 58/82mm Turbine:74/64mm A bit similar to HKS GT3240 with T04S rear or GT37. Or even TD07S-25G. I bought it for USD550 which is f**king cheap. And it works good. Day 3 I didn't do shit to the car. Waiting for parts and playing around with friends rb25. Installing a truck turbo on his engine. No pics. http://www.56.com/u3...jQzMDc4NzM.html http://player.56.com/v_NjQzMDc4NzM.swf http://www.56.com/u2...jQzMDc4NTk.html http://player.56.com/v_NjQzMDc4NTk.swf Day 4 September 19th Got all the interior out. Got some dry ice and got all the sound deadening out. Started doing the boxes for the roll cage. Day 5 September 20th Was working on the rollcage with the guys. Trying to replicate some nascar bars haha. Test fitted 2jz block to see the fitment. f**king engine mounts from zero lab are total worthless shit. They way they space the mounts is impossible. They don't even line up. Had to get one mount copied here and used the same mount on both sides. The only way it looked like it could work out and it did ))) Day 6 September 21th Run out of tube for rollcage. Started on the rear subframe. Made some solid mount raise rear subframe mounts. Also got some parts in. 4 rear 2 pot calipers for my car. 2jz AT bellhosuing for some experiments. Which are really f**king going to happen. And some premade brackets to run individual 2 pot calipers for hydro handbrake. Got the suspension arms from my old car. China spec. But worked on daily every day for 2 years no problem. Day 7 September 23rd Pretty much done on the roll cage. I wish we could use more time on that. But its a race against time:( Finished assymbling the rear suframe and fitted on car. 2 calipers on each side + driftworks knuckles a present from my friend. Should be pretty good for drifting haha Test fitted the turbo and tried the 2jz-ge+t down pipe. Should work out pretty good, Day 8 September 24 More pics of the turbo. Look at the double flappers. Haha. This thing has some mighty actuator opening at 2bar. Had do ditch all that crap and run it wastegate. Which was the original idea. Guy is doing his magic. Doing the wiring. He is pro and this job is for him. He tunes HKS Vpros. Got some ideas from SerialNine X8 a long time ago. Just couldn't realise it earlier. Also twin wastegates. Chinese 38mm. Which seezed a couple times at the drift event. Making a f**king hussle. Unbolt, disassamble, sand the valve neck assamble put back in. Don't wanna do that every time right ? ))) I'm cheap ass. Ended modifying the front crossmember. Moved the steering rack mounts forward by 2.5cm to help cure the stuck steering at lock. Hate that. Shit worked and I'm happy. Day 9 September 25 Front suspension fit - ok! Crossmember in - ok! Engine in - ok))) Now was the weak part: doing the driveshaft. No one really knows how to do one. And no balancers around. There was a 3cm gap between toyota input shaft and nissan rear. I first wanted to make a flange to mate the two together. But that would take time which we didn't have. Decided to get the nissan flange out and pressed in toyota one and welded shut. Worked out just right. Redid the driveshaft mount. Worked no problems even past 100mph or 180kph. Liked how it went. Nice ghetto style Day 10 September 26th Had a lazy afternoon. Decided to cut out the front innerfenders out, Tires would rub them on full lock. I didn't have wheel spacers. So inner fenders had to go. Cut !!! Maestro continued on his wiring magic, changing inj and coilpacks connectors and rewiring the engine. Had to modify the downpipe a bit. Not the cleanest job. But it works, right ? Started mocking up the radiator fitment, intercooler. Will run this cool vicsous fan shroud. From Toyota Crown JZS133. Which are abundunt here. And manual too;) W58. If you guys need factory clutch parts I can hook you up:)