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Found 3 results

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  3. Path Of Exile

    WHAT IS PATH OF EXILE Path Of Exile is a dark action online RPG, inspired by Diablo 1 & 2. It has an isometric layout, great gothic artwork, co-operative multiplayer, shared character stash, NPC traders, quests, monsters to kill and items to find. There are big differences though, so don't bin it as being a copy. In brief, if you wanted Diablo 3 to be more like an upgraded version of Diablo 2 with some improvements and all the annoying parts removed, then give this a go. It's still in beta, but there really aren't any issues. http://youtu.be/k86ie0rGpqo URL: http://www.pathofexile.com/ Title: Path Of Exile Publisher: Grinding Gear Games (independant developer) Game Type: Isometric action RPG COST Free on stress-test weekends (http://www.pathofexi.../publicweekend/) Free upon go-live Donate $10 for immediate beta access No item shops planned or available, but there are some aesthetic or convenience mods you can purchase. CHARACTER CLASSES Marauder = Powerful Melee Duelist = Fast Melee Witch = Sorcerer Templar = Powerful Melee/Sorcerer Ranger = Fast Melee/Archer Shadow = Fast Meelee/Sorcerer GAME EXPERIENCE Where POE differs greatly from Diablo is in the character build experience: Instead of assigning points, there's a massive stat allocation tree with a different starting position for each character class Spells and abilities are housed within gems you insert into item sockets, and level-up over time Tonnes of different stones/runes to modify items At first this will seem a little confusing, especially for those that came from Diablo 3, but it's actually a really clever mechanism. PASSIVE SKILL TREE: As big as the tree is, it's really quite simple. Each character class starts in a different section of the tree, with the attributes that surround them being the most appropriate for their class. When you level-up, you select attributes and gradually create a path towards other skills you want. This both provides incentive to level-up, and means that you can build unconventional characters. For instance, my witch sucks at spells and purely uses 2-handed weapons. GEM STONES: This is a nice approach that adds an interesting element. All the active skills/spells are contained within gems, that when used, level-up over time. Gems can be swapped between characters, and any character can use any gems should they meet the necessary level and stat point requirements. Some provide an ability, and others purely buff the power of another gem (support gems). To use gems, you must insert them into a socket on an item. They can be removed and swapped around, unlike Diablo 2. Sockets must be of the same colour as the gem, and some may be linked together. Where linked sockets come into play is the usage of support gems. Got three linked sockets? Insert two skill gems and one support gem to have both skills buffed, or one skill gem and two support gems for a beefy attack. What all this means is that the game isn't purely focussed on getting items with the highest stats. Sometimes you'll be looking for an item with awesome stats, and other times you'll be hunting for anything you can possibly find that has the correct socket arrangement. STONES/ORBS/RUNES: Like Diablo, there exist magic rocks that do cool sh*t. But unlike Diablo, there are a lot of different stones in POE, doing anything from rolling back passive skill allocation, to changing the attributes of items. You can also use some to change the colour, number and links of sockets at random; sometimes in your favour, and sometimes worse. This adds another element, whereby you might seek stones more than items. Found a bow with awesome sockets and crap magic properties? Gather a bunch of Orbs Of Alteration, roll the dice and try to make it better. ITEM TRADING WITH NPCs: POE is entirely barter-based, and has no coins/money. When sold, items will get you orbs or orb fragments, and to purchase, you also pay in orbs. There exists a list of item 'recipes' that when sold in combination can give you cool stuff, so check it out. For instance, sell 5 items of the same type and you'll be offered a single item of the same type with a random number of sockets.