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Ashley's 180sx Type X

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Hey guys. Thought I should finally write up a thread on my car.


So it’s a 1997 180sx Type X and I’ve owned it since June 2015. When I bought it the paint wasn’t the best, it had king springs on TIG wheels haha, China rear arms (a Toe Arm snapped a few months later so I got all stock arms and chucked the China arms in the bin), sound system, and a pod filter. In my ownership, I’ve done the following so far:


- Pearl white open door respray November 2015

- Genuine Type X front lip

- Genuine Type X rear pods and valance

- Optional extra front strut bar

- Cusco rear strut bar

- Nismo Power Brace

- Rash Facture C Pillar Bar

- Bride Brix 1.5 Drivers seat

- Bride Brix 1.5 passenger seat

- Bride retrimmed rear seats, door cards, gear boot shifter, centre console lid and glove box lid

- MCA Coilovers

- Front and rear 5 stud with S15 front brakes

- DMAX rear window visor

- Blitz 03 wheels, 17x8+9 front and 18x9+22 rear


- Short shifter


I also have a set of Blitz BLM gauges: boost, oil temp, oil pressure and water temp waiting to be put in when I can find the motivation.

Also have a pair of the optional extra foglights that have been sitting in my garage for a year waiting to be put on too haha.



When I first bought it in June 2015:






What it looks like currently:






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Looks tidy, nice work! Best thing to do with regard to the gauges is to break down the installation into sections. Install the gauges one weekend, then install the temp sensor another weekend, then tee off the oem oil pressure sensor an install the oil temp/pressure another weekend, then finally run the wires. It seems less of a challenge when split up.

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Thank you! That's a good idea hahah. They've just been sitting on my floor for a couple months now as it looks like a nightmare with all the cables haha

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