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1993 180sx

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About 3 months ago, I flew to Melbourne from Tasmania to pick up my frist decent car.

A 1993 180sx, all black with type x kit and wing with minor mods


mods include;

Greddy fmic

Greddy profec spec 2 boost controller (which i still can't get a steady boost on)

T28 turbo (got told it was a t28bb out of s14, which i have been told recently s14s don't even come with the bb version)

3"turbo back exhaust

Greddy oil catch can

XXR 527 wheels

coilovers (no idea on brand, haven't found anyone who has been able to tell me)


unfortunately there are some rough spots of the body, spray can painted wing and front bar + terribly unsanded bogged rear quarter panel and really rough front drivers panel, the guy must not have known how to mask anything either, overspray everywhere, which i got off with metal polish.

Next was rego, which it failed roadworthy due to a hole in the floor where it had been jacked up in the wrong spot, front brake lines not being supported, rear seat belts that were stuffed and no high beams, which i fixed by pulling apart the whole headlight switch mechanism.

All that got done in two weeks, hardest part was tracking down seat belts.

while the front was off the car found a fair few major problems, around the passenger side wheel arch there were 3 big cracks coming from where the coilovers bolted, a couple of major supports in the front had also been welded back together, making it more and more obvious this car had been through a tough life.


The guy also didn't tell me that the fuel gauge was out. As i found out when it ran out of petrol.




Thanks for reading, Ben

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well. so much for this car.. a lot of work to be done after the weekend.

need a bonnet, both guards, possibly a top support rail if there is somewhere or someone selling one that has cut it off, new complete headlights, radiator, a/c cooler and front mount. sad face 3.jpg

sad face.jpg

sad face 2.jpg

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dam, that sucks dude. Build it up again and make it even better :)


Oh by the way, S14 do come out with BB turbos. It just that only the Japan versions do. AU version have bush bearing.


good luck with the re-build.

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i'm thinking, after the rebuild and before back on the road, do all my engine work, only been two days but already miss driving it.

going to be a long 6+ months

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