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Nitto 2.2L stroker s15

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Hey all,


long time member just had to remake my account as it wouldnt let me sign in to my old account -.-

anyway im nearly finished building my motor after i "lost" a bottom end bearing and decided its finally time to share with you guys.


I bought my s15 on the 1st of Feb 2010 with basic mods


- Power fc

- Trust intercooler

- Blitz Pod Filter

- Apexi Avcr

- 3" Xforce exhaust with tomei dump pipe

- Os giken single plate clutch

Power 202rwkw @ 14psi


1/4 mile: 13.2 @ 105mph( i think) 2.0 60ft street tyres





May 2010- Got spoiler, adm reflectors removed and added the rear pods :)















August - October 2010


Got a little bit bord with the power and wanted more so we decided to go with a new setup.


- Garret GT3071 .64 (4"mouth)

- Stock Manifold modified for a external wastegate flange

- Tial 44mm External Wastegate with a 11psi spring

- Tomei 256 poncams

- Rochester 750cc Injectors

- Gktech RAS

- Walbro 500hp fuel pump

- Billet Fuel reg

- Excedy Stage 2 ceramic race clutch

- Mircotec ecu (no more afm)


Power 258rwkw @ 16-17psi


1/4 mile: 13.011 @ 113mph 2.2 60ft. street tyres -.-





Then i bought some Work Emotion XD9 Wheels : 18x9 + 30 18x10+30











After 55,000kms with the mods and everyday thrashing the motor started to knock.


The motor was missing about 300-400mils of oil :( i still kick myself everyday for not checking

the oil


btw ye it was still my daily until it started knocking so i then bought a little civic for a cheap run around :)





So we pulled the motor out to see what let go.






After we pulled the motor apart we were completely missing a bottom end bearing from piston 4.

Could just see little shavings in the oil.


Look at the piston positions :\





Wasnt sure if i should just put in another stock motor and keep the same setup or sell the

setup and rebuild it all out or maybe just throw in a rb26? I also thought of a SR20VET

setup but i was looking at another 6k on top :( maybe next rebuild :P


I decided to rebuild the sr and go all out so i sold my gt3071 with manifold and 44mm gate,

cams, and the avcr for $2100 to a mate and started saving for the rebuild.


- Nitto 2.2L stroker kit (Pistons, Rings, Crank, H Beam Rods)

- Nitto Head Gasket with ARP Head studs and main studs

- Solid Head Kit with custom cam specs and 1mm oversized valves, head work

- Garrett GTX3076 .64

- 6Boost Top Mount Manifold ( HPC Coated )

- TurboSmart 50mm Progate

- TurboSmart Duel Stage Boost Controller (mechanical)

- Greddy Intake Plenum

- Tomei Sump

- New oil pump and timing chain

- Custom Intercooler Piping

- Bottom End fully blue printed, Torque Honed/ balanced.etc

- Sent Mircotec away to get a 3 Bar mapsensor done

- Reinhard Stainless steel catback with Xforce Varex Cannon

- Custom dump pipe


When we sent the block away for machining and they acid washed it, they noticed

there was damage in Cylinder 4 and could not be used for a high boost application.


Then i swapped over the block for a good condition one + cash adjustment


Future upgrades:


- SR->RB gearbox conversion

- R33 gtst series 2 turbo gearbox ( looking for one )

- GTR rear end with 1.5way diff

- E85

- Coilovers ( maybe bc or teins)









I wanted to change the look of the car and i sold the XD9s to a mate and bought these:


Work Meisters s1 3piece (white centers)

Front: 18x9 + 22

Rears: 18x10+18


I wanted to try something different instead of doing the typical black centered meisters :)


If i dont like the white centers once the motor is in, ride height + camber adjusted, gaurds

lipped/slighty pulled, looks like ill be getting the centers sprayed black.









Also bought:


- Camber tops (front)

- Rear Camber Arms

- Rear Toe

- Front Castor Rod

- Front tie ends


Suspension: Stock struts with aftermarket compressed springs for the moment.


Motor should be built by the end of July. Currently at Machining shop in nsw.


Thanks for reading,


I'll keep you guys updated :)



Edited by -bobi-

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Too bad about the engine bro.......off to bigger and better things by the looks of it!!

Gunna be killer when its done.

Who is doing the biuld for you?

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Yer doesnt matter mate sh#t happens :)


Frank from Allsparks Performance in Keilor.

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looks epic bobby hanging for this to be finished so you can take me for a lap down slater haha

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Aahah me to luca im counting the days :) they just redone the roads on salter luca u know wat i mean ahah :)

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