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How the f**k do you guys afford all these mods? - the cheapo 180

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EDIT: I was drunk when I wrote this the first time, I thought I was heaps funny. :rolleyes:




I purchased my slut of a machine from a dealer in '08 (before I knew anything about Silvias) with an auto and a CA, my missus promptly named it Rosie (gay)

I bought it coz it had a sweet leather interior, I talked the salesman down $3000 and it went way harder than my falcon which I'd just burnt...



I suppose my intention at the start (which is still my intention) was just to have a quick streeter that looked completely stock from the outside and do it relatively cheap (haha).

I was an apprentice carpenter at the time so it was a bit of a silly purchase but I thought I could buy a work ute with the left over money.

It turns out the only thing I can do with extra money is piss it up the wall, so this was carting what few tools I had around.

I don't have any photos of when I just got her because I didn't own a camera haha.

This one was was about 3 months later.



Then about a week after the warranty ran out the head warped because of a $2 heater hose with a pinhole in it, that I was gonna "get around to" so $2 turned into $5000 for an SR halfcut and labour (not so cheap) Once I'd started researching into Silvias I realised I should've got one with an SR from the start so if it still had a working CA I probably would have sold it on...

This was about a cracked dash and faded paint later because it was sitting in the weather for f**kin ages as the workshop that was doing the swap had bulk smokos to do.



So then I did what everyone was doing with their free $900 from KRudd and bought a HPI intercooler and a catch can...



Then I bought a HDI EBC. I keep defending these but the gauge blinds you at night and the controller sets itself to whatever the fark it wants sometimes. Then I bought a maybe fake Tomei dump, a T28BB turbo, and an Earl's turbo line kit (that is definitely not alfoil around the oil return).

2011-12-21 23.44.16.jpg


Then nothing.


Then in 2010 I washed her.

11092010030 (2).jpg


So I got a tune a few weeks ago and it got 164kw and 1200nm of torque.

2012-05-05 22.39.40.jpg

(yea don't know how either)


In no particular order I bought a Midnight Mods short shifter, an emanage ultimate and harness, Walbro FP, GKtech front pipe, Tein HA coilies, 3" exhaust with Xforce cannon, Sard FPR, GKtech washer bottle, RAS, 4 to 5 stud adapters for the rear, solid rear subframe spacers, some blue hoses, a new clutch master, second hand starter motor, an Odyssey battery, a Z32 AFM, TechEdge WB02 controller and meter, rear camber arms, front castor arms, an ARK design MFD, some other shit that old cars need, some Federal 595 RSR's.


I'll write out a list of parts and put some current pics up soon.



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