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Wannabe aFitChick

Relative Newbie to Fitness

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Hi everyone,


I'm after some advice. I've been training for the last maybe 2 - 3 months.. I'm in pretty bad shape (although not as bad as I was 3 months ago!!) I don't want to lose weight, im happy-ish with the scales.. labby skin after a 67kg but I really want to tone up some flabby skin after a 67kg weight loss... i am really weak and want to build up my strength and carve some really nice looking muscle (although I don't want to go schwarzenegger.. just nice and athletic looking.. what should I be doing?


Currently I have 1 pt session per week at the gym and then i do a few classes like pump, combat and cx worx.. i also do 50 squats per day...


I have just started a farily high protein diet (poached egg whites and multigrain toast for breaky, tuna & watercress on multigrain bread for lunch, banana and protein shake for arvo tea and then most nights it's chicken for dinner)..


I have just started taking creatine 1/2 an hr before a workout to help muscle recovery.. I'm starting to see a little definition in my arms and now I'm hooked... what can I do to speed up the process? Are there any good supplements I can get that will build muscle faster??


Thanks so much, I hope this wasn't a dumb question!!

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Not a dumb question at all.


The only supplement which will build muscle faster is rest, and lots of it. Then the next supplement which will damage the muscle so the rest can repair is the weights, hard work and dedication to your routine and diet.


Creatine is best taken post workout so its best when your muscles are engorged and full of nutrition rich blood mix in a little bit of juice and drink.


How many days are you doing weight training? What kind of program does your pt have you on? How many days a week can you spare for weight training?


Get the diet and training down pat before worrying about supplements. Supplements only help a diet they dont speed up anything. And they definitely arent a replacement for whole food.

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