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R34 Gtt Coolant Temps And Vacuum Reading With Ac On?

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Just wanted to check with members here, what coolant temperature are people seeing when idling in traffic with AC ON on a 25-30 degree day?

I know that rb25det neos run a hotter thermostat, so wanted to see what temps people are seeing when idling for a while with AC on?

Also what is the vacuum gauge showing in terms of inhg, is around -16 inhg ok when idling with AC on?

Any replies to clear these up are appreciated.


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anything under 90 is fine


on the track my water sees about 110 degrees and occasionally pisses out everywhere, but meh it's fine as good coolant has a much higher boiling point that water.


I use Nulon concentrated with a 50 50 mix, according to the spec sheet it is a liquid anything under 130 degrees

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