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T28 Oil return line - Help / Advice

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Hi guys


Although this is not Skyline specific you may be able to help me out or give some tips.


My car is in a u12 pintara (front wheel drive).


Currently on my car I have a W10 Avenir SR20DET block fitted with a GTIR manifold and T28. The GTIR exh manifold mounts the turbo at a different point and so the turbo oil outlet hole and the block oil inlet hole do not match up. They are around 2.5cm to 3cm away from each other.


I would like to hear from people that have gotten around this type of thing. One issue is that the diameter (roughly 5/8) of the oil return line inlet to the engine block must be maintained. Going any smaller i.e. using a small braided hose line with fittings can really stuff around with the oil circulation going back to the block.


I have posted some photos. I have been to Pirtek. No rubber hoses will bend enough of an angle. They can make some copper tubing but it will then have to be welded on to the oil return flange off the turbo which makes a problem of installing it given the small clearance space between the two holes (roughly it is 9cm).


They suggested silicon hose which I can get at 5/8 size but the silicon hose bends are a minimum of 45 degrees.




You can see here that there is an offset. I measured this to be around 2.5 cms from centre of the oil return hole to the edge of the turbo which is pretty much near the centre of the hole for the oil inlet at the engine block. Engine block oil inlet is at top of picture, turbo is bottom




Different view from the side to get a better idea




Angled Rod and slightly bent for offset. Just used for demonstration as it is to small for oil outlet.


The rod again. You can see how much of an offset exists.


Let me know if you have any suggestions for how I can get this line completed. Thanks :)

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I would just make a custom one out of metal

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